Gassama affair: Mazar, from a star to the laughing stock of TV sets

The president of the World Security and Anti-Corruption Organization (OMSAC), Mourad Mazar, is accused of having “sold dreams” to Algerians during the Algeria-Cameroon match affair. Some journalists did not hesitate to attack him on private television sets.

After the Algerian football federation lodged an appeal with Fifa, followed by a file with the arbitration commission of the international body against the vicious arbitration of Bakary Gassama, the world security organization and anti-corruption (OMSAG) had thrown a stone into the water, by publishing a press release which read: “The report of the German referees “VAR” has proven by audio and video that the referee Bakary Gassama deliberately refused to answer to their warnings about the need to return to the VAR to confirm and rule on his bad arbitration decisions”, explains Omsac, adding: “In view of the elements recorded with our experts from the investigations department, it appears with certainty that he There was corruption to achieve the result that we know. »

This had given the Algerians a slim hope that the Algeria-Cameroon match would be replayed. Now that the FAF has been officially dismissed by Fifa, the president of the organization in question, the Algerian Mourad Mazar, who nevertheless mentioned, before the verdict of Fifa, “evidence presented”, in his intervention on El -Bilad TV, to strengthen the Algerian file, is currently the laughing stock of private television sets.

Réda Abbès and Hocine Djenad attack Mazar

Invited on the television set of the Ennahar TV channel a few days ago, the journalist Réda Abbès entered into a debate with Mourad Mazar who was reached by telephone. Abbès did not mince his words and will say to Maza: “You said that there is a heavy file which will bring down CAF. But, where did you file this file? » before continuing: « Chabaâtna Makrout », an Algerian term by which we qualify someone as a liar.

Yesterday, it was around the other journalist Hocine Djenad to attack Mourad Mazar on the television set El-Hayat TV. He knew that the latter was going to be contacted again by telephone and therefore brought back with him a box containing portions of “Makrout” cake. “You told me that Mourad Mazar will be contacted by telephone, so I decided to bring him back his share of “Makrout”. As he made the Algerians eat “Makrout”, it is now his turn to eat it”.

Obviously, OMSAC will have lost its credibility. Everyone accuses him of having joined the camp of “dream sellers” to the Algerians while the latter were awaiting the verdict from Fifa.

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