Gassama case and FIFA decision: important press release from the FAF

After the press release from the International Football Federation deemed ambiguous by the services of the Algerian Football Federation, the FAF returns to the case of the appeal filed with FIFA following the match of the Algerian team on behalf of the dams qualifiers for the 2022 world cup against the Cameroon team. The body of Dely-Brahim communicates on the approach it has taken to try to win its case with FIFA.

“In an effort to enlighten sporting opinion in general, and the supporters of the national team in particular, and to put a stop to speculation, some of which has gone beyond the purely sporting and regulatory framework, about the protest relating to the arbitration of the match Algeria – Cameroon of March 29, 2022, counting for the play-off of the qualifiers for the FIFA World Cup – Qatar 2022, the Algerian Football Federation wishes to provide the following clarifications “reads on the press release from the FAF.

The latter made a point of clarifying its action plan to the Algerian public by following the chronological order, “The day after this match, i.e. Wednesday, March 30, 2022, the Algerian Football Federation introduced, to the General Secretariat of FIFA , a file of complaint about the arbitration of this match, accompanied by a letter under the reference number (N°442/SG/FAF/2022). Following this request, FIFA contacted the FAF through an email dated Tuesday, April 5, 2022 bearing reference (N°FDD-10810) indicating that the complaint lodged by the FAF had been submitted to the FIFA Disciplinary Committee, of which the exam has been scheduled for April 21, 2022,” the statement added. The FAF did a didactic and recalled “that through this missive, FIFA did not mean that it was going to render a verdict on this date, as has been conveyed by certain media. explains the FAF.

“April 1, 2022 Contrary to what has been reported here and there, the FIFA Disciplinary Committee has never rejected the complaint file submitted by the Algerian Football Federation, for the simple reason that the latter has entered a new FIFA on Sunday April 10, 2022 (Ref. N°476/SG/FAF/2022) to request that the complaint file be reassigned to the Referees Committee of this same body. »

According to the press release, the FAF had not gone with the back of the spoon and “had again, on April 04, 2022, seized FIFA by email (Ref. N ° 452 / SG / FAF / 2022) to introduce an expertise of a specialized agency reputed to have collaborated with this same body, but also the IOC, UEFA and the Council of Europe, whose conclusion qualified the refereeing of this match as suspect, and this, on a scale assessment of three levels (Normal Arbitration, Suspicious Arbitration and Abnormal Arbitration). »

Here is, moreover, the text of the conclusion of the expertise:
Following the technical and scientific evaluations provided in the experts’ reports, these show that the refereeing of the match of 29/03/2022 between Algeria and Cameroon, counting for the qualifiers for the FIFA World Cup Qatar -2022, is suspicious.

“The imbalance (100% vs 0%) between the two teams for IRD (incorrect decisions by the referee) and the total number of high IRDs (3) which directly influenced the result, are both much higher than the usual standards of professional football matches.

The validated penalty which was not whistled (Algeria), the accepted invalidated goal (Cameroon) and the canceled validated goal (Algeria) significantly influenced the match to Cameroon’s advantage.
All IRDs can be scientifically explained in the Level 3 report based on video analysis.
Additional investigations would be necessary to indicate whether this match was intentionally manipulated or not at the level of arbitration, ”adds the body led by Charaf-Eddine Amara. As a result, FIFA informed the Algerian Football Federation on Monday, April 11, 2022 (email Ref. No. FDD-10810) that on behalf of the Chairman of the FIFA Disciplinary Committee, that this procedure is by therefore closed, according to the same press release.

The rest of the press release

As a result, FIFA informed on Monday, April 11, 2022 (email bearing Ref. No. FDD-10810) the Algerian Football Federation that on behalf of the Chairman of the FIFA Disciplinary Committee, that this procedure is by therefore closed.
• On Friday May 6, 2022, the Algerian Football Federation received an email from the FIFA Referees Committee (Ref. plc/mbu/grp) signed by MM Pierluigi Collina, Chairman of this Committee, and Massimo Busacca , Director of Arbitration, who, unfortunately, does not respond in any way to the requests made in the complaint file.

Again, and contrary to the false information peddled by certain parties, this email does not contain several pages and even less answers and explanations about the points raised in the complaint.
Here is, on an exceptional basis and for greater transparency, the email from FIFA (CLIC), which explains, moreover, the content of the press release from the FAF published on the evening of Friday May 6, 2022.
• Considering that the complaint file is heavy and significant through the attached videos and above all the expertise of a specialized agency, the Algerian Football Federation reiterated its request to the FIFA Referees Committee on Saturday May 7, 2022 by email (Ref. N°557/SG/FAF/2022) for clarifications, in particular with regard to:
• The refereeing of the match, which was not mentioned at any time in FIFA’s response, while the FAF’s complaint refers to situations deemed contentious and for which the federal body would have liked clear and precise answers .
Also, the FIFA Referees Committee does not mention whether the chief referee correctly applied the Laws of the Game and respected the video assistance protocol for refereeing outlined in this same email.
• The conclusions of the examination, of all the “incidents”, carried out by the two VAR referees, in accordance with the Laws of the Game and the video assistance protocol for refereeing.
• Access to the recorded audio communications between the referee and the other referees (assistants and those of the VAR) remained without follow-up.
In addition, and to be complete on this file, the FAF also wishes to inform that:
• The referee’s match report does not include any particular remark, apart from the word “Good” in English describing the state of the pitch and the facilities.

The FAF says it has strengthened its case with the following elements:
• The Match Commissioner’s report contains, among other things, the following assessments:
• General organization: Good organization.
• State of the land and facilities: Excellent.
• Security Services: Excellent.
• Policing: Excellent.
• Medical Services: Excellent.
• Organization of the media: Good organization.
• Incidents caused by players or officials: two minutes delay caused by Cameroonian players at the start of the match.
• Incidents caused by supporters: Throwing of bottles by the Algerian public after verification of the VAR. Smoke by the Algerian public after VAR.
• Incidents before or after the match: Bottle throwing by the Algerian public at the end of the match.

The FAF does not despair

In its statement of March 14, 2022, the Algerian Football Federation showed the direction it will take in the follow-up to this case, “From the above, the Algerian Football Federation has made it a duty and a principle of seize FIFA, to shed full light on what it considers to be suspicious arbitration on the part of the referee of this match and its impact on its outcome.

The federal authority is still awaiting a clear and objective response to this claim.
Beyond the facts of the game, the errors that may arise and be committed by the referees and the players, likely to influence the course and/or the result of a match, the Algerian Football Federation has, in its regulatory and benevolent approach, mentioned neither the adversary nor any other party, except for the arbitration component.
Apart from the technical elements in its possession and which it has introduced, including videos and the expert report, the Algerian Football Federation has never received the slightest document or any other material proof (under any support) from a third party in order to include it in their complaint file.
Acting within the strict regulatory framework conferred on it by the FIFA Laws of the Game and the usual procedures, the Algerian Football Federation is at no time responsible for statements and/or publications made by third parties.

All these parties who have expressed themselves on this file take full responsibility for their statements, publications and rantings.
However, the Algerian Football Federation pays a vibrant tribute to all those, among the supporters of the Greens, who have expressed their support and have shown a positive and responsible attitude to defend the merits of this complaint file which, whatever Whatever the outcome, deserved to be officially introduced so that such refereeing abuses are repressed and banned forever from the continental football landscape. concludes the press release.

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