Gassama case: Meghni and Abid defend Belmadi

The former master of the national team, Mourad Meghni, disputes the arbitration of Bakary Gassama which influenced the result of the Algeria-Cameroon match. He was full of praise for international striker Youcef Belaïli.

In an interview with French journalist Farid Rouas on “Instagram”, Mourad Meghni talks about the Algeria-Cameroon return match, as part of the play-offs for the next World Cup. He did not hesitate to challenge the vicious arbitration of Gambian Bakary Gassama. “When I saw the match live, I did not realize Gassama’s refereeing errors. After watching the dubious actions, I admit that he was not up to it and his mistakes influenced the result of the match, ”said the former national team playmaker.

In addition, Mourad Meghni praises Youcef Belaïli. “When I played in the Algerian league with the CSC, he played for the USMA. At that time, I considered him the best Algerian player. He is capable of doing even better and, frankly, I see him in a big club like Olympique Lyonnais or Olympique de Marseille,” he said.

Remember that Meghni had contributed to the qualification of the national team for the 2010 World Cup in South Africa, being one of the architects of the victory of the national team during the famous play-off match against Egypt in November 2009 in Omdurman, but he couldn’t take part because of the nasty injury he had contracted in his knee.

Abeid shoots Chapron!

Another Algerian international also defends Djamel Belmadi. Mehdi Abeid, since it is about him, went down in flames on the French referee Tony Chapron who attacked the national coach a few days ago.

The midfielder who is currently playing in the United Arab Emirates with Al-Nasr from Dubai let loose on his tweeter account: “And you, Mr. Chaperon, didn’t you resort to violence during the Nantes – Paris match. Level mediocrity we can not fall lower. By insulting Djamel as mediocre it’s a whole country and a team that you irritate, did you only watch the match? It remains to be seen whether Tony Chapron will respond to the former Nantes player.

As a reminder, the converted former French referee had described the national coach as “mediocre” because of his comments on the arbitration of Bakary Gassama during the World Cup return play-offs against Cameroon (1-2).

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