Gassama case: what is Samuel Eto’o afraid of?

The president of the Cameroonian football federation, Samuel Eto’o, multiplies the comments on the subject of Algerian reactions to the play-off match on March 29 between the Algerian team and the Cameroonian team.

After his critical reaction to the Algerian coach, Djamel Belmadi, the former Inter Milan player seems to be following the affairs of the Algerian team very closely. Which leaves the impression that the president of fecafoot no longer supports, and responds tit for tat to what is shared on the Algerian web.

Yesterday, Samuel Eto’o appropriated an extract from an Algerian television set. The journalists present wondered about the functionality of video assistance during the Algerian team’s play-off match. The former Indomitable Lions striker did not hesitate to react by commenting, “Good night. Can be translated into other languages. reads on Eto’o’s social media.

A reaction which would not be to comfort the position of the man more and more suspected in Algeria. Far from all conspiracy theories, would Samuel Eto’o’s outings on the web be to distract attention from something that only the president of Fecafoot would like to hide?

If the first reaction of Eto’o passed for a misunderstanding in the understanding of the words of the Algerian coach, Djamel Belmadi, this last outing would wear dubious clothes both in substance and in form.

The president of the Cameroonian football federation would not be unaware that only FIFA is the judge in cases of this order and that an extract from a TV set would not change the decision of the only body capable of pronouncing in the file of the Algerian appeal.

Back to the extract from the television set

In his sports program, the Algerian journalist, Maamar Djebbour, returned to the question of the VAR during the match of the Algerian team against the Cameroonian selection.

One of the journalist’s guests said he was convinced of the smooth running of the technical support for the meeting, “I was president during the installation of the cameras, and I can confirm to you that the VAR worked perfectly throughout. Match. he said before adding, “one of the FIFA technicians, a Portuguese national, told me recently during the African Champions League match that the cameras made available were largely sufficient to have the better rendering of the video consultation. he explains.

The guest in question assured that the director of technology at FIFA was present in Blida and was responsible for overseeing the performance of the German VAR referees. A statement that brushes aside the suspicions about the VAR.

Finally, the guest of the program of the journalist Maamar Djebbour declared that “in such a context, the referees of the VAR did not venture to hide images which could have an impact on the score of the match and that only the black box of conversations will deliver the truth about the discussion between Gassama and the VAR referees. he finally said.

The hubbub that accompanies the wait for the verdict of FIFA would not change the final decision of the international body. The latter has not yet set the date that will put an end to all the talk about the match between the Algerian team and Cameroon.

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