Gassama case: when Derradji criticizes the FAF spokesperson

The case of the appeal of the Algerian football federation to FIFA continues to be talked about on the web. Due to its content little known by the public, it is subject to all the speculation of specialists in the world of football. It was the turn of Hafid Derraji, the Algerian commentator, to raise the subject of the appeal of the FAF to the international football body and to criticize the way in which the services of the FAF manage communication around the file.

For Derraji, “the Algerian file is devoid of tangible evidence that could shake up the fate of the March 29, 2022 meeting in Blida,” he said on an Arabic-speaking social network. In line with his first statement, Derraji questioned the solidity of the Algerian file, “refereeing errors are not enough to replay a football match, the question is technical and in this case, I would like to know if the Algerian federation has managed to collect the necessary elements to win its case with FIFA,” he adds on the same social network.

The Algerian sports commentator spoke about the basis of the FAF file by leaving his impression on the outcome of the incessant demand of Algerian supporters, “the ambiguity of the situation seems to me quite revealing as to FIFA’s decision , and then, did Algeria ask to replay the match? “says Hafid Derraji on the microphone of the Arabic-speaking social network.

Statements that run counter to those of the spokesperson for the Algerian football federation, Salah Bey-Aboud, who asserts that the FAF has taken all the necessary measures to strengthen the file of the Algerian appeal.

A last hope?

The final whistle of the second leg of the play-off match between the Algerian team and the Cameroonian team was synonymous with the non-qualification of the Greens for the next World Cup. An evening lived like a slaughter as the expectation was unprecedented and the qualification almost acquired. For the Algerian public, one detail tipped Blida’s match: the refereeing.

Faced with the insistence of popular voices in Algeria, the Algerian federation has formulated a two-phase appeal file with FIFA. A news that rocks the supporters of the Greens for a while. Commentator Hafid Derraji explained his position on the expectations of Fennecs fans, “I have never sold a dream to Algerians, when we talk about a subject, we are not necessarily aligned with the expectations of the public, we must detect the true from the false in our own. he finally said.

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