Hafid Derradji defends Belmadi and seriously accuses Gassama

The famous Algerian commentator of the Qatari sports channel “bEIN Sports”, Hafid Derradji, defends Djamel Belmadi. He claims that an “unhealthy” cabal is being waged against the national coach who did not, however, just criticize the vicious refereeing of Bakary Gassama during the Algeria-Cameroon match, without attacking anyone.

During his last media outing, Djamel Belmadi brought down referee Bakary Gassama in flames following his vicious refereeing during the return match of the Algeria-Cameroon play-offs, played on March 29 at the Mustapha Tchaker stadium in Blida. His statement created a great controversy. In addition to the press release from the Cameroonian football federation which decided to seize the ethics commission of Fifa as well as the declaration of Patrick Mboma or the French referee Tony Chaperon, the Gambian football federation took the defense of its compatriot Gassama since she decided to seize the international body in her turn.

Hafid Derradji, the famous Algerian commentator of the Qatari sports channel “Bein Sports”, defends the national coach. “In no case did he mention Eto’o or the Cameroon Football Federation. He just criticized Gassama’s refereeing. He is not the first to challenge the arbitration and will not be the last. Frankly, I’m not sure why everyone picked on him. This raises questions, it must be said. I believe that an unhealthy cabal is being waged against the national coach, “he said, in a statement granted to the” DZ Match “

Derradji also responded to French referee Tony Chaperon, who fired red balls at Belmadi, saying: “He is a referee known to be a racist. I haven’t forgotten when he expelled a Moroccan player in the French league, saying to him: “Get out dirty Arab”. He is not the best placed to give us lessons in ethics and fair play. Remember that the referee in question described Belmaid as “mediocre” for having criticized Bakary Gassama.

Hafid Derradji says national coach Djamel Belmadi should have everyone’s support. “He just denounced Gassama’s refereeing errors during the Algeria-Cameroon match. In my opinion, and instead of being the subject of criticism, it should rather have the support of everyone because it falls within the framework of the contribution for the improvement of arbitration in Africa. “.

The serious revelations of Derradji

The famous Algerian commentator made serious revelations in another statement granted to “Dz News”. Indeed, he suspects a “plot” between Fecafoot and Bakary Gassama against Algeria. “Frankly, the reaction of Cameroonians via an official statement is exaggerated. I suspect a plot against the Algerian national team, where Gassama played an important role. It’s not the first, and it won’t be the last,” he said.

Continuing his statement, Hafid Derradji adds: “But what fly stung FECAFOOT? At no time did Belmadi quote him, so why such a reaction on his part? Why has Gassama been appointed to officiate Cameroon’s matches twice in just two months? Questions that open the doors to speculation as to a probable conspiracy between all parties. What “.

In all cases, the FAF, and in addition to the appeal it introduced to the international body the day after the Algeria-Cameroon match, it also submitted a file to the FIFA arbitration commission, remains that is, what will the latter decide after having dealt with the case.

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