He spoke at the military parade: the strong message of Tebboune

It is a grand, majestic, exceptional parade that the elements of the People’s National Army carried out today; to celebrate the 60th anniversary of Algeria’s independence.

Speaking at the kick off of the military parade; President Abdelmadjid Tebboune paid a vibrant tribute to the army and the Algerians, but he also sent a strong message to the “enemies of Algeria”.

“The country, with its institutions and constitutional bodies, has reached a stage where the contours of an Algeria confident in its future are emerging”, launched the Head of State Abdelmadjid Tebboune.

“On this occasion, I maintain once again that all of us, whatever our level of responsibility, are called upon in this situation strewn with challenges, to contribute to the consolidation of the foundations of the State of institutions and of law; a State in which the spirit of citizenship and the values ​​of solidarity will be enshrined and in which the sense of national duty takes root,” he added.

“The Army is in cohesion with the people” (Tebboune)

During his speech, the Head of State Abdelmadjid Tebboune wished to salute “the valiant soldiers stationed at the borders and the eagles”; which protect Algeria’s air and maritime spaces.

“The Army is in cohesion with the people, gaining in dignity and elevation, by virtue of the place it occupies in the heart of the Nation; but also by the patriotism and the commitment of the officers, the soldiers and all the personnel and affiliated to the Army”, he recalled.

“This celebration which constitutes the flame of Glory in the sky of Algeria and a torch of pride on its pure land”, added President Tebboune.

It should be recalled that several senior army officials, members of the government, but also heads of state marked their presence at the military parade.

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