Italy: an Algerian launches “Miss Hijab Italia”

Today, no country in the world seems to avoid the controversies caused by the wearing of the Muslim veil, whether it is a simple headscarf, a hijab, a niqab or even a burka…

Although the hijab and the niqab are subject to a fairly relative tolerance, the question of wearing the veil continues to be a sensitive point. Regularly, women wearing the veil are singled out for their beliefs and the way of expressing them.

In France, for example, in August 2016, the gradual arrival of the burkini on the beaches revived the controversy. Indeed, between secularism and religion, between freedom and the right of Muslim women to freely dispose of their bodies, their wearing of the veil appears to be an incessant debate.

To put an end to this kind of thinking, many Muslims organize events to promote Islam. Among these people, we cite Assia Belhadj.

Placed under the sign of “be a queen with the hijab”, an Algerian woman is at the origin of this event in Italy. Indeed, this initiative launched by Assia Belhadj represents a first of its kind on the European continent, and more particularly in Italy. This young woman organized a beauty contest reserved for veiled women.

More specifically, this competition is part of the enhancement of veiled women. Moreover, through this initiative, the president and founder of the Muslim Women’s Movement in Italy, Assia Belhadj, is betting on integrating the veil into beauty contests abroad. Especially since veiled women face daily difficulties.

In fact, by taking this first big step, Assia Belhadj has demonstrated her great perseverance. Through this approach, she makes it known that wearing the hijab does not represent an obstacle to the integration of veiled women into non-Muslim societies. By collaborating with other organizations, the Algerian woman also wishes to include the culture of the veil as part of the Muslim woman.

A free Umrah for the winner of the contest

Inaugurated under the slogan “Be a role model”, this competition has left its mark. Indeed, said beauty contest for veiled girls will hold its first edition in Italy, a paradise for lovers. Also, all veiled women, aged between 14 and 25 and living in the country, are invited to participate. The winner of the title will be offered an Umrah, all expenses paid.

In addition, the winner of this edition will win the title of “Queen with hijab” for the 2022 season in Italy. Indeed, according to certain criteria, the jury of this competition will designate the winner, to embody the Muslim woman. This is in order to transmit the culture of hijab in its proper sense, in accordance with what God has urged.

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