JM Oran 2022: who is Sarah Ourahmoune, the Franco-Algerian at the head of the French delegation?

In anticipation of the Oran 2022 Mediterranean Games, a Franco-Algerian boxer has been appointed to lead the French delegation.

The 40-year-old sportswoman did not hide her joy at being invested with this privilege. On his Twitter account, she says: “I am so proud and honored that I have no problem sharing the news: I have been appointed Head of Mission for the French team at the next Mediterranean Games! »

The boxing world champion does not seem to have forgotten her origins. Still on his Twitter account, we can read this: “Oran is my heart & blood city. It is the city of my mother and of my childhood memories. »

Here is an overview of the career of the pioneer of women’s boxing in France, the champion of Algerian origin, Sarah Ourahmoune.

Journey of Sarah Ourahmoune

Sarah Ourahmoune was born in January 1982 (40 years old) in Sèvres de Algerian parents. She started boxing at the age of 14. In 1999, she obtained her first title of champion of France. A title that she will manage to uncheck ten times throughout her career. His last title dates back to 2016.

At the international level, Sarah Ourahmoune also has an extensive track record. In particular, it has a world title (2008) and three European Union Championships (2007, 2008, 2009). In 2016, during the Rio Olympics, the boxer won a medal. She is quite simply the most successful French boxer to date.

If she ended her professional career, Sarah is not unemployed. She has created her own club, Boxer Inside, and gives lessons in two rooms, in Paris and in Seine-Saint-Denis. She regularly gives lectures. In 2017, she was appointed vice-president of the French National Olympic and Sports Committee in charge of diversity. She is also a member of the board of directors of the 2024 Paris Games. Since 2021, Sarah Ourahmoune has been Vice-President of the French Boxing Federation. In 2019, she published, with Robert Laffont, her autobiography, “Mes combats de femme”.

Mission of Sarah Ourahmoune after retirement from sport

To the question of the journalist of the New Republic: What have you decided to devote your life to since[votre retraite]? The world champion replies: “I have the chance to do things that make me happy and that make sense to me. I want pass values related to sport, which are dear to me. For now, my various projects are focused on the place of women: on equal opportunities and promotion of women’s sport. As vice-president of the French Olympic Committee, I can change things. »

And when the journalist asks her if her commitments constituted an extension of her career, or a fight, Sarah answers: “Completely. I need to give back a little, that is to say to be able to capitalize on everything I have learned in order to pass it on. It would have been a shame to bury twenty years of sport and practice… But it’s another fight, a little different. »

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