Khalida Toumi, again in court next June

On Wednesday June 8, 2022, the former Minister of Culture, Khalida Toumi, will appear before the Court of Algiers. And this after having appealed the court decisions rendered by the economic and financial penal pole near the court of Sidi Mhamed.

The Khalida Toumi case was scheduled at the level of the first criminal chamber of the same judicial authority headed by Abdelaziz Ayad. Or will also be presented Ben Blidia Abdelhamid, the president of the pole in charge of festivals, and the former director of culture of Tlemcen, Hakim Miloud.

Indeed, the defendants are prosecuted for: abuse of office; granting of undue privileges and embezzlement of public funds; especially during cultural events organized during the period when Khalida Toumi was at the head of the sector. The events in question are: “Tlemcen, Capital of Islamic Culture”, in 2011; before that the “African Festival” in 2009; more of the event “Algeria Capital of Arab Culture”, in 2007.

This file also includes 40 witnesses, Lakhdar Ben Tourki, former director of the National Bureau of Culture and Information; Ben Sdira Rachid; Ait Menguelat Hassan and other officials in charge of the implementation of the programs of the local officials.

As luck would have it, Khalida Toumi will be judged on appeal on June 8; date coinciding with the celebration of the national day of the artist that she had proclaimed when she was at the head of the culture sector. This day has become a well-established tradition on the cultural scene and an annual meeting place for Algerian artists.

A look back at Khalida Toumi’s trial and her conviction

It should be recalled that the former Minister of Culture has been in detention since November 2019. But also that the verdict fell on Thursday April 7, 2022, Khalida Toumi had been sentenced to 6 years in prison.

The trial of the former Minister of Culture, Khalida Toumi was held during the month of March 2022, before the judge of the Economic and Financial Criminal Division of the Court of Sidi M’hamed, in Algiers. On the 28th of the same month, the prosecutor had requested 10 years in prison with a fine of 1 million dinars.

During this trial, the former Minister of Culture denied “all the charges against her”. Khalida Toumi, had claimed “to have challenged the expert reports issued by the general inspectorate”. She stressed that “these reports were based on bad foundations and false facts” and that “they constituted a flagrant violation of the Constitution”.

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