Mahrez at the heart of the lawsuit between Rooney and Vardy’s wife

Since last Tuesday, the wife of footballer Jamie Vardy, Rebekah, has been facing a London court for having “leaked” information concerning certain footballers. The captain of the national team, Riyad Mahrez, had already been a victim in 2018, when he played for Leicester City.

This is the case that caused a lot of ink to flow in England. Rebekah Vardy, wife of English footballer Leicester City, Jamie, is accused of having leaked information from certain players. This is not all since the person concerned is also accused by Coleen Rooney, wife of the famous English footballer, Wayne Rooney, of having leaked information about her to the English tabloids. A story that dates back to 2019.

At the time, Ms Rooney accused Ms Vardy of passing ‘false stories’ about her to the English press. However, Rebekah Vardy denied and decided to sue Wayne Rooney’s wife for defamation. And according to British law, it is now up to the latter to prove the veracity of the accusations made. During the second day of the trial, the name of Algerian international Riyad Mahrez was mentioned.

Mahrez already victim of the “Pipemaker” Vardy!

Indeed, Rebekah Vardy has been asked about the messages she sent to her agent, Caroline Watt, concerning the fact that Riyad Mahrez did not show up for a training session in 2018 when he was playing at Leicester City, a way in which he wanted to express his dismay after his transfer to Manchester City had been turned upside down at the last minute, during the winter transfer window of the same year. Its source ? It’s simply her husband Jamie, ex-teammates of Riyadh in Leicester City. Two attackers who were the strike force of their team between 2014 and 2018.

The agent in question subsequently recommended that Ms. Vardy leak the information to a journalist from Sky Sports. Speaking in court, she explained: ‘It was just speculation on information that I had heard and heard, and also read in the press before.’ “Yes, it doesn’t look good there, I was talking about things that were already in the public domain. I was just gossiping,” she adds.

Through this trial, British justice wants to lift the veil on the way in which information and the private lives of celebrities and footballers in particular leak through the media. The latter are known to spend large sums of money to buy “spies” that will allow them to get to the scoops.

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