Match Algeria – Uganda: the Ugandan coach is suspicious

The Algeria-Uganda match, on behalf of the first day of the CAN-2023 qualifiers, is fast approaching. The Greens want to start the adventure on a good note, before flying to Dar Es-Salem four days later to challenge Tanzania.

The Ugandans landed in Algiers this afternoon from Tunisia, where they completed a blocked internship, to play the match against Algeria. It was around 3 p.m. that they landed at Houari Boumediene airport. They received a warm welcome from some representatives of the Algerian football federation.

Accompanied by the Algerian media at the airport, Ugandan coach Milutin Sredojevic agreed to give them a statement. He talks about the important game on Saturday. “Algeria is a football country. The Algerian national team is not to be presented. It has already won the African Cup in 2019 and the Arab Cup in 2021. It has an excellent group, mixed between experience and talent, under the control of a very good trainer like Djamel Belmadi”. He will say straight away.

It must be said that the Serbian technician praised the national team by declaring: “The Algerian national team plays nice football. She would have deserved to qualify for the next World Cup. And to add: “It is a great football nation that we respect a lot, but we will try to carry out a good operation on Saturday. Despite the difficulty of the mission, we are determined to take up the challenge”.

The Greens are refining their preparation

The band of Djamel Belmadi is preparing to return to official competition from Saturday, during the match which will oppose it to Uganda, on behalf of the 1st day of the qualifiers for the next CAN-2023. A match which will take place at the July 5, 1962 stadium from 8 p.m.

After the disappointment of March 29, the national team aims to start a new adventure on a good note. The preparation for the important meeting is continuing in very good conditions but also with high morale. With the arrival of goalkeeper Anthony Mandrea, who celebrates his first selection, the group is complete.

Indeed, Bensebaini and consorts are in the process of applying to the letter the work program that has been drawn up for them. Concentration is in full swing within the group and the players only think of achieving victory on Saturday, before flying off four days later to Dar Es-Salem to challenge Tanzania. A match counting for the 2nd day of the qualifiers for CAN-2023. It will take place on Wednesday June 8 at the Benjamin Mkapa stadium from 5 p.m.

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