Meeting at the FAF: the decisions taken by the BF

As planned, the federal office met yesterday evening at the national technical center (CTN) of Sidi Moussa, under the chairmanship of Charaf-Eddine Amara. The latter invited the members of his office to the F’tour before starting the meeting, on the occasion of which the members of the BF took important decisions, as indicated in the press release made public on the official website of the Federation. Algerian Football.

At the opening of the work, the resigning president of the FAF, while reaffirming his intention to withdraw in accordance with the forms and preparations provided for by the texts, also welcomed the sense of responsibility of the members present, highlighting the supreme interest of the federal authority and national football, in particular by avoiding a case of vacancy.

The first important point discussed at the meeting was Ligue 1 Mobilis. After praising the “very well controlled” programming on the part of the LFP, Amara and the members of his office discussed the preparation for the next season. To this end, “it has been decided that the number of professional league 1 clubs will be reduced to 16 following the change in the competition system adopted in AGEX in November 2021”.

It has been decided to open the registration period (summer transfer window) between June 20 and August 14, 2022. As for the start of the 2022-2023 version of the championship, it has been set for August 19, 2022.

Concerning the participation in the various international competitions, the BF has taken the decision “to only allow the commitment in one competition per club. The 1st and 2nd in the Championship will take part in the African Champions League; 3rd and 4th in the African Confederation Cup and finally 5th and 6th in the Arab competition organized by UAFA”.

Professional clubs to boost women’s football

As part of the development of women’s football, the members of the BF unanimously adopted a resolution proposed by President Charaf-Eddine Amara, requiring professional Ligue 1 clubs to create, from next season 2022-2023, a section women’s football with at least one category before gradually reaching the four categories. Every professional club must now have a women’s football section with, eventually, four categories (Senior, U20, U17 and U15).

In addition to anticipating a future requirement from CAF, the President of the FAF stressed the imperative need to give a qualitative and quantitative leap to women’s football and to improve our various national championships to to create a real pool of national teams able to link us to the continental level where the practice is booming. The whole process will be led by the National Women’s Football League (LNFF).

Statutes, AGO & elective AG

After having heard a first presentation of the main aggregates of the moral and financial balance sheets for the 2021 financial year, the Federal Office validated the date of May 19, 2022 for the convening of the Ordinary General Meeting. Which AGO, in addition to the presentation for adoption of the balance sheets (moral & financial), will have to ratify the resignation of the President as well as the convening of an Extraordinary General Assembly (AGEX) with on its agenda a single point relating to the election of the new management of the FAF.

Beforehand, a last meeting of the federal office will take place on April 28 to adopt the moral and financial balance sheets as well as the new statutes of the FAF, of which an AGEX should be scheduled for their adoption.

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