Monkey pox: Dr Akhamouk warns

For the past few days, social networks around the world have been panicking. The reason is the appearance of a new virus, monkey pox (monkeypox). Indeed, after more than two years of fierce combat against the Covid-19 pandemic, a new virus threatens the world.

Doctor Elias Akhamouk, head of the infectious diseases department at EPH Tamanrasset warned that Algeria is not immune to the spread of monkeypox cases. It should be noted that several countries around the world have already recorded dozens of cases.

Dr Akhamouk was the guest of the program “l’invité de la drafting” on Radio Chaine 3, this Wednesday, May 23, 2022. The latter declared: “With the emergence of these infectious diseases, it is necessary to set up monitoring cells throughout the country”.

In this regard, he explained the need to set up checkpoints at air borders. As was the case to face the Covid-19. He also added that health workers must also be trained to deal with this disease.

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Elias Akhamouk stressed that prevention is “the number one weapon against epidemics, including monkeypox, which has become a threat to the world”.

The specialist points to the rumors circulating around the world about the appearance of these viruses. “It is not normal to say that these viruses are manufactured by laboratories. “he estimates. He regrets that: “It can take a lot of resources to carry out in-depth investigations through genetic tracing”.

The Pasteur Institute of Algiers reassures

While European and Arab countries record several; the Pasteur Institute of Algeria (IPA) delivered yesterday, its first assessment. By reassuring that Algeria has not recorded any cases.

Indeed, in their press release made public this Tuesday, May 24, 2022; the IPA reassured the Algerians that no case of monkeypox has been detected, for the moment, in Algeria.

“Following the information note published on May 22, 2022 on monkeypox, the Pasteur Institute of Algeria informs that to date, no suspected or confirmed case of this infection has been detected or recorded. in Algeria”, can we read in this press release.

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