Monkey pox in the world: WHO delivers the latest figures

LWorld Health Organization (WHO) said it received reports of 257 confirmed cases of monkey pox (monkeypox). But also about 120 suspected cases, in 23 countries.

In the United States, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reported 12 cases of monkeypox in 8 states as of Friday afternoon.

In its latest update for this Sunday, May 29, the organization added that 5 African countries are affected by the spread of monkey pox. The latter also confirms that it has received reports of 1,365 cases of infection and 69 deaths from the virus. These cases were reported at different times ranging from mid-December to the end of May.

Since 2017, the organization has indicated that this virus affects more very young children and people infected with HIV and not treated.

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What is the level of risk according to the WHO?

The WHO has noted that the level of global public health risk is moderate. Indeed, she “considers that this is the first time that cases and groups of monkeypox are reported simultaneously in widely divergent geographical areas to the World Health Organization, and with no known epidemiological links with non-endemic countries in West or Central Africa. »

The World Health Organization also stated in its update: “The risks to public health could become high if this virus takes the opportunity to establish itself as a human disease and spread to the most vulnerable such as young children and people with weak immunity. weakened”.

The organization has urged healthcare providers to closely monitor possible symptoms, such as skin rashes; fever ; swollen lymph nodes; headaches ; back pain; muscle aches and fatigue. But also to perform tests for anyone with these symptoms.

What did Benbouzid say about monkey pox?

This Saturday, May 28, 2022, thee Minister of Health, Abderahmane Benbouzid had indicated that there is not enough information on monkeypox. While also indicating that the readings of the sector on this subject continue.

The Minister of Health also assured that there is no monkeypox infection ; neither in Oran nor in any region of Algeria.

Benbouzid, pointed out that the Covid-19 virus is transmitted by air, unlike smallpox, which is transmitted by prolonged contact.

Finally, the first official of the health sector said that if it enters Algeria and spreads widely, vaccination will be used. Also explaining that there are no special procedures and that medical personnel are ready and available to protect citizens.

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