Monkeypox in Algeria: Derrar takes stock of the situation

The director of the Pasteur Institute in Algeria (IPA), Faouzi Derrar, has confirmed that no infection with the “monkey pox” virus has been recorded in Algeria so far. And this, according to the statistics of the institute and the hospital services distributed throughout the country.

During his intervention as a guest on the “Yawmiyate Echaab” forum, this Tuesday, May 31, 2022, Derrar first explained that the epidemic is not new, moreover, many African countries had recorded case of monkeypox. In addition, it is believed that evaluating the effectiveness of vaccines takes a considerable amount of time.

Subsequently, the director of the Pasteur Institute indicated the difficulty in diagnosing the virus. The difficulty of detection is due to the fact that viruses similar to this one are also present. Therefore, the judgment on its presence in Algeria is directly linked to the medical reports that the IPA receives from the health services of the 58 wilayas.

Finally, Derrar confirmed the availability of the Pasteur Institute of Algeria to face any emergency. As it has done on detection devices for this disease, ensuring the acquisition of certain equipment to diagnose infections with this virus, similar to PCR. If the latter were to appear in Algeria.

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What did Benbouzid say about the presence of monkeypox in Algeria?

This Saturday, May 28, 2022, the Minister of Health, Abderrahmane Benbouzid, indicated that there is not enough information on monkeypox. But also that the readings of the sector on this subject continue.

The Minister of Health reiterated that there is no monkeypox infection, neither in Oran nor in any region of Algeria. He also added that the disease was dangerous in the past, but was completely eliminated in the 1980s, which necessitated the withdrawal of the monkeypox vaccine.

Benbouzid was quick to state that if he enters Algeria and spreads widely, vaccination will be used. He explained that there are no special procedures and medical personnel are ready and available to protect citizens.

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