National team: an African nation refuses to face Algeria

Djamel Belmadi insists on scheduling a friendly match at the next FIFA date, but the Algerian football federation is struggling to find an available sparring partner. While the national coach is not keen to face some world nations who have made their offer to the FAF, Senegal refused to face the Greens, thus putting Belmadi in an embarrassing situation.

It is from June 4th that the national team will compete in the CAN 2023 qualifiers, on the occasion of the reception of its Ugandan counterpart at the new stadium in Oran. Thereafter, she will travel to Dar Es-Salem to challenge Tanzania four days later, on June 8.

And since the FIFA date will stretch until mid-June, Djamel Belmadi wants to take the opportunity to schedule a friendly match against a renowned nation because it will be the best way to fill the gaps observed and perfect the necessary adjustments before the end of the course. He has asked the Algerian Football Federation to find a quality sparring partner for June 14, but as of press time there is no news.

Belmadi refuses Uruguay, Senegal rejects Algeria

Despite the failure to qualify for the next World Cup in Qatar, the fact remains that the Algerian national team commands the respect of several federations around the world. Many have requested Algerian Football Federation for a friendly match on the next FIFA date.

There was interest from Venezuela and Uruguay as well as smaller Eastern European countries for friendly matches against EN, but obviously neither the names nor the football developed by these teams managed to pack the coach. Other proposals have been made by other football nations, and each time it falls through because of the hesitation of the staff and especially their demands. The least we can say is that this reflects the great importance of the friendly match in the eyes of Belmadi who wants to take the opportunity to gauge the level of certain elements who should celebrate their first selection on the occasion. This is part of the reorganization of the workforce of the Greens in anticipation of the next deadlines.

The first instance of national football asked its Senegalese counterpart for a possible friendly match between the two selections, but it received an unfavorable response. Indeed, and according to the Senegalese newspaper “Record” specializing in football, it will not be of interest to Senegal which will prepare for the World Cup with a group made up of Colombia, Japan and Poland.

FAF officials are busy finding an available sparring partner who suits Djamel Belmadi’s requirements. The latter still insists on scheduling a friendly match in mid-June, but since the FAF is still struggling to obtain the agreement of the nations it has requested, this puts the national coach in an embarrassing situation.

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