New investment law passed by majority at NPC

This Monday, June 27, 2022, the deputies of the National People’s Assembly (APN) voted by a majority for the new investment law, presented by the Minister of Industry, Ahmed Zeghdar.

The Minister of Industry, Ahmed Zeghdar, clarified during his speech on the draft law on investment during a public session of the National People’s Assembly that the draft emphasizes the consecration of the principle of freedom of investment and initiative, simplification of procedures and reduction of the zone of discretion for the administration in the processing of cases.

The texts of the new investment law will be published soon

The minister stressed that these texts “will be published as soon as possible”. According to the Minister, the bill aims to develop priority sectors of activity with high added value, ensure sustainable and balanced regional development, enhance natural resources and local primary resources, give priority to technological transformation and develop the innovation and the knowledge economy.

During his speech, the Minister revealed the establishment of a digital platform for the investor, which will provide all the necessary information to the investor, in particular with regard to:

1- Investment opportunities in Algeria

2- Institutions in charge of investment

3- The real estate offer available

4- Incentives and advantages linked to the investment, as well as the associated procedures.

Zeghdar also disclosed that tax exemptions would be granted to investors under the incentive scheme for structured investments.

During his speech on the new investment bill in public session at the People’s Assembly, the Minister specified that the advantages offered are fiscal and semi-fiscal exemptions, which are:

1- For a period of 3 years for investments initiated in priority sectors

2- For a period of 5 years for investments affiliated to the regional regime and the structured investment regime

4- From 3 to 5 years for investments made in priority sectors

5- From 5 to 10 years for structured investments.

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