New measure to professionalize Algerian football

This is 12 years after the Algerian championship grabbed the status of professionalism for the first time. A path that seems doomed to failure because the level of Algerian clubs is struggling to break away from its antecedents. An observation that did not escape the Minister of Youth and Sports, Abderrezak Sebgag.

To overcome the major problems that thwart the project of professionalization of local football in Algeria, the ministerial authorities unveil a project that would try to straighten the locomotive of the Algerian professional championship.

Indeed, Minister Sebgag announced the establishment of a new intersectoral commission responsible for digging into the gaps, which have so far undermined the project of professionalism in local football. This new commission will be responsible for finding tangible solutions to raise Algerian football to world ranks to adapt definitively to the regulations and laws of the International Football Federation and the African Football Confederation.

“In application of the instructions of the Prime Minister during the government meeting, an intersectoral commission is set up to design a new approach to professional football within a month. » declares the Minister of Youth and Sports, Abderrezak Sebgag. This decision is in line with the installation of the mixed commission, MJS-FAF, responsible for evaluating the professional status of Algerian football.

Blank slate

“We need to raise the level of sport in general, and football in particular. This was the issue presented by Minister Abderrezak Sebgag. The Algerian Minister indicated the path to take for this new commission, “a national strategy of professionalism must be developed in order to solve the problems of the administrative organization of the clubs, the problems related to sponsors and financial management. he explains.

The head of the sports sector in Algeria did not stop on these points and spread out his project to touch on the problems, “of infrastructures and techniques of professional clubs to then draw inspiration from this model and apply it to other disciplines. sports,” he said. The newly created commission will have the difficult task of designing a national approach on which all future measures will be based.

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