Olive oil: gold medal for an Algerian brand in Japan

Olive oil is a product of which Algeria is proud, given the quality offered by several producers recognized throughout the world, distinguishing themselves in many competitions against the best. It was once again highlighted internationally thanks to the Dahbia brand, which was awarded at the JOOP competition, in the Asian continent, more precisely in Japan, by winning the gold medal in the “monovarietal” category.

It was in a post on its official Facebook page that the brand announced the news to its consumers, echoing the pride of receiving such an award.
In an interview with the TSA media, the head of the brand Hakim Alileche, returned to this victory, explaining the difficulty of it. Indeed, the product must meet many very specific criteria set up by the International Olive Oil Council such as acidity, peroxide level or even physico-chemical analyses. The oil was judged by a group of experts in the field who made up the jury thanks to a sensory tasting based on a table codified to the standards of the COI. It is following this that the product was rated with a point system allowing access to the gold medal once a certain threshold is reached (from 80 to 95 silver is awarded and from 95 points it is is the gold medal).

The “Dahbia” brand was awarded in the “monovarietal” category which characterizes the Algerian product quite well, an effective way to highlight this on the international scene.

Olive oil, a product widely consumed by Algerians

In a study presented in Algiers in March 2022 and carried out by the Immar Maghreb Institute and the PwC Cabinet in the continuity of the PASA program, launched by the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development in partnership with the European Union (EU) , Algerians consume an average of 30 liters of olive oil per year and per household.

This survey was conducted on Algerians, residents in Algeria but also in other countries. Indeed, this was done with 1,737 people in Algeria, in addition to 317 people abroad, 78% of whom reside in Europe, 12% in Canada and 10% in the United States, which allows us to have a more range of consumption according to the inhabited territory.

Nevertheless, following an analysis of the data, the study revealed that Algerians tend to direct their consumption towards other vegetable oils rather than olive oil while the Algerian diaspora consumes olive oil rather with an average of 10 liters per person per year.

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