Organization of the CAN 2027: Algeria launches into the race

Algeria will submit its application to host the 2027 African Cup of Nations football. However, it will face stiff competition. Several African countries claim to host the 36th edition of the CAN.

Algeria is preparing to host the 2027 African Cup of Nations football. Indeed, the Ministry of Youth and Sports would have given instructions to the Algerian Football Federation to prepare the application file. A file which will be deposited at the level of the African football confederation once the doors of the candidatures are open, report our colleagues from Echourouk, according to a source close to the MJS.

It must be said that the new infrastructures of our country have motivated the first instance of national football to already prepare the application file. While the new stadium in Oran was handed over a few months ago, while those in Baraki, Douera and Tizi-Ouzou will soon be inaugurated, the renovation work in the stadiums of Hamlaoui (Constantine) and May 19, 1956 (Annaba) are progressing well. And with the great resources that the state intends to deploy, Algeria will be able to host the great continental football event.

It should be recalled that Algeria is ready to host CAN-2025 in the event that Guinea withdraws. As everyone knows, the construction works of the various infrastructures in this country are considerably behind schedule. Until we go to press, the course of the 35th edition of the CAN in Guinea is uncertain.

Algeria faces tough competition

What you need to know is that Algeria will face stiff competition from several African countries to host CAN-2027. There are many who claim to host the 36th edition of the African Cup of Nations football.

Still according to our colleagues from Echourouk, we quote, among others, Tanzania jointly with Uganda and Botswana jointly with Namibia. There is also Senegal, Burkina Faso and Zambia which intend to submit their application files. What makes the competition even tougher is quite simply the great development of several countries on the continent in terms of infrastructure.

To hope to have the honor of organizing CAN-2027, Algeria will first have to consolidate relations with all African federations. The organization of CHAN-2023 in our country will undoubtedly be a revealing test. In other words, Algeria will have to demonstrate its ability to host a major continental event like that of the CAN during the competition next January.

Finally, and still according to our colleagues from Echourouk, the doors for submitting applications for the organization of CAN-2027 will be open from next August, on the occasion of the holding of the 44th edition of the General Assembly of CAF.

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