Outbreak of Covid-19 in China: should we fear a rebound in Algeria?

For several days now, the covid-19 epidemic seems to be fading in Algeria. The daily reports provided by the Ministry of Health only speak of a few new cases per day (less than 10); as for the number of deaths, it is equal most of the time to zero.

While we were gradually heading towards a return to normal life – with the organization of the International Book Fair, the opening of stadiums to the public, the gradual lifting of health restrictions – the number of contaminations is experiencing a rebound in China. Indeed, for the day of April 6, 20,000 new cases were recorded, of which more than 80% in Shanghai.

Should we therefore fear that this wave will eventually affect Algeria? How will the authorities react to this threat?

The situation in China

So China had largely succeeded in curbing the covid-19 epidemic thanks to the plan “covid zerothe daily tolls now surpass the tallies from the first wave in Wuhan. The fault of a variant of Omicron that the strict measures decreed by the Chinese government could not prevent. By comparison, in February, the number of daily cases barely exceeded 100. For the day of April 6, 2022, the country recorded 20,472 new positive cases. This constitutes the worst recovery from covid-19 since 2020.

In addition, it is Shanghai which represents the epicenter of this strong epidemic rebound. It is in this megalopolis of 25 million inhabitants that more than 80% of new cases of contamination have been detected. Since last week, the government has placed the city in almost total confinement.

To cope with this epidemic rebound, the Shanghai municipality has converted a large exhibition center into a field hospital with a capacity of 40,000 beds. Indeed, even if the overwhelming majority of cases are asymptomatic, anyone who tests positive, including children, is placed in isolation.

The country’s health authorities have announced the discovery of a mutation of the Omicron variant previously unknown to databases. However, so far no new deaths have been reported. The last two officially recorded deaths from covid-19 date back to mid-March.

What response from the Algerian authorities?

Faced with this situation, how will the Algerian political and health authorities react to prevent the country from being affected by the new wave of contamination that seems to be arriving from China?

Several measures are possible: stricter control at borders, in ports and air terminals; tightening of sanitary measures linked to goods imported from China; systematic confinement of travelers arriving from China, or even if the situation worsens, a closure of flights…

Although, for the moment, the situation is not particularly alarming, vigilance remains in order not to relive the scenario of the first wave of coronavirus from Wuhan.

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