Philip Morris reiterates its commitment against smoking

According to the WHO, tobacco causes every year the death of 8 million people. Also, the world will matter by 2025 more than a billion smokers. While it is true that the best cure for smoking is to stop smoking, most smokers do not go down this path. It is therefore necessary to offer them less harmful alternatives to cigarettes.

Philip Morris, a company committed to the development of less harmful solutions

With this in mind, Philip Morris International has been committed for several years to the development of solutions that minimize the risks related to tobacco consumption. This is how the company has implemented alternatives without combustion developed on a scientific basis.

Christian Akiki, Managing Director of Philip Morris Algeria, clearly displays the ambition of the brand:

“We are committed in the development of alternatives without combustion and smokelessat reduced risk for adult smokers who would otherwise continue to smoke.”

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It goes without saying that the best way to eliminate the adverse health effects of smoking is to never start smoking or, for those who already smoke, to quit. However, the majority of them cannot (or do not want to) quit smoking. This is why it is useful to offer them alternative products without combustion which represent less risk than conventional cigarettes.

Because it is indeed necessary to know that the process of combustion of the tobacco generates more than 6000 chemical substances. About a hundred of these constitute potential causes of diseases linked to smoking, in particular cancers and cardiovascular pathologies.

Other important information: despite its addictive nature, it’s not nicotine that kills. “It is primarily the toxins and carcinogens in tobacco smoke — not nicotine — that cause disease and death,” the US Department of Public Health (2013) said.

A look at the R&D of Philip Morris and the IQOS system

PMI has the best R&D capability in the tobacco industry. Thus the company has:

  • More than 930 R&D positions: scientists, engineers, technicians, support functions, etc.
  • 45 patents: this is the highest number of patents in the EU. PMI is also the only tobacco manufacturer to feature in the top 100 best companies.
  • More than 425 posts and peer-reviewed chapters on smoke-free products.
  • Investments up to $9 billion in R&D

In addition, PMI’s IQOS system has the following FDA-certified features:

  • The IQOS system heats the tobacco, but don’t burn it.
  • This drastically reduces the production of harmful chemicals.
  • Scientific studies have shown that replacing conventional cigarettes with the IQOS system reduces the body’s exposure to toxic substances by 90%.

Recalling the company’s values ​​and ambitions, Jacek Olczak, CEO of Philip Morris International, said: “We are passionately committed to creating a better future — a future without cigarettes. Today, we need you — anyone in a position of influence — to join us in clear the minds, in order to prepare a better future for everyone. »

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