Players exported abroad: Algeria very poorly ranked

Algeria is a country that does not export too many players abroad. According to the annual study by the International Center for Sports Studies (CIES), only 55 Algerian players were expatriated during the 2017-2022 period. A balance sheet that hardly pleads in favor of our football.

An annual study by the International Center for Sports Studies (CIES), which lists expatriate players in 135 leagues around the world, has established the ranking of the countries exporting the most their players abroad. Indeed, it analyzed 2,198 teams in 135 leagues around the world. Brazil is the world’s largest exporter of footballers. With 1,219 players abroad, the Auriverdes dominate the ranking revealed.

France is in second place in the rankings with currently 978 players in foreign leagues, 208 more than five years ago. Argentina ranks third with 815 footballers, followed by England with 525 footballers abroad. The fifth position is occupied by Germany with 441 players.

As for Algeria, it points to the bottom of the table, with only 55 players exported abroad from May 1, 2017 until the same date of the current year. A record that absolutely does not plead in favor of our football. This obviously reflects the “mediocre” level of our championship which is deteriorating from one season to another, particularly in the face of the financial crisis which is shaking practically all the clubs, apart from the MCA, the USMA and the CSC, which have strong state enterprises behind them.

African countries are far ahead of Algeria!

Still concerning the ranking established by the CIES, Algeria is ranked 7th at the African level, concerning the export of players abroad. African countries such as Ghana, Nigeria or even Mali and Cameroon are far ahead of our country. For example, Nigeria and Ghana occupy the 12th and 14th place respectively in the said ranking.

This also reflects that Algeria is blatantly behind in terms of training, apart from Paradou AC. And yet, our country does not lack wealth to found training centers, while relying on European competence to unearth young talent.

What should also be known in the CIES statistics is that 23 Algerian players left the country for Tunisia, i.e. a rate of 42% of expatriate players over the past five years, while 7 players were transferred to Saudi Arabia. France comes in third privileged position, with 6 players, ahead of Belgium (5 players), Qatar (5 players) and Portugal (3 players). There is also an Algerian expatriate in Bulgaria, Germany, North Macedonia, Switzerland, the Netherlands and Turkey.

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