Portugal: Slimani-Amorim, the current is no longer flowing

The current no longer passes between the Algerian international striker Islam Slimani and his coach at Sporting Portugal Ruben Amorim. The latter criticizes his player for his decline in form, especially since the beginning of the holy month.

Islam Slimani is having a hard time with his situation at Sporting Portugal. After having verbally clashed with his trainer Ruben Amorim a few weeks ago, who ended up dismissing him from the match against Tandella, the two men had a new difference. Indeed, the coach blames his player for his drop in form due to the youngster. Suddenly, he had him ejected from his plans since he did not retain him for the last two games.

“Those who train the best play and are called up. I can risk my job and qualifying for finals but it will be like this until I stop coaching. Training matters a lot,” Amorim said of the Algerian striker. A justification which does not however seem to the taste of Fennec: “without eating or drinking, I have always trained hard for my club. Nobody will be able to take it away from me,” assured Slimani on his Instagram account.

Slimani has been fasting since April 1 and has since played only 45 minutes in total…

Amorim: “I told him what to say, case closed”

During the press briefing he held yesterday, the day before today’s match against Boa Vista, Sporting Portugal coach Ruben Amorim spoke about the Slimani case, following several questions asked by the media present. He does not want to dwell much on this subject, saying that he told his player what to tell him, including the other players.

“I didn’t want it at first, then I saw that we were missing something up front. All the players recruited were my choice. If it doesn’t work with a player, it’s entirely my responsibility. “, he will say, and to add: “I have a completely different responsibility vis-à-vis that of Slimani, there is nothing to say, all that I had to say, I told Slimani, the management and my players, all face to face. For me this is a closed topic. I cannot make popular decisions”, said the Portuguese technician during the press briefing he held.

This prompted the reaction of the top scorer of the Algerian national team through a new post on his Instagram account. “The patient is tough, but her reward is pure”, another indirect message addressed to her trainer.

The end of the current season promises to be complicated for Islam Slimani who has, however, started the return phase with Sporting Portugal in force. The current no longer passes with his trainer, it remains to be seen whether the relationship will be restored between the two men after the month of Ramadan.

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