Premature babies: the commendable initiative of Instagrammers Travel family

After a campaign that lasted several months, the charity project “Khadeej”, initiated the couple of travelers, Amina and Mohamed, owner of the Instagram account 2algerianstravelhas finally borne its first fruits!

On Thursday July 28, Amina and Mohamed, accompanied by members of the Algeria United Foundationpresented the first incubator for premature children in the women’s medicine unit of Berrouaghia hospital (Médéa).

The Khadeej project for premature babies

At the origin of the project “Khadeej, because they deserve to live”, is Amina, a young mother of twins born prematurely, and her husband Mohamed. On their Instagram account 2algerianstravel, the traveling couple launched, the November 17, 2021 (World Day of Prematurity), a call for donations for the acquisition of incubators intended for premature infants (born before the age of 37e week of pregnancy).

In less than a week, donations exceeded 6 million dinars. In total, the campaign made it possible to collect 700 million cents. A sum that will be used to acquire 7 incubators which will be distributed in hospitals where this equipment is lacking.

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Why the choice of incubators?

Amina explains the choice of incubators through her personal experience and observations. The young mother has indeed given birth to premature twins. And during this overwhelming ordeal, she was able to experience the suffering that overwhelms babies and their parents.

Later, Amina notices that many hospitals lack incubators, while others simply do not have them. However, charitable actions mostly concern blood donation, cancer patients and seem to ignore the issue of premature babies.

It was this situation that motivated the young mother to take matters into her own hands and launched the donation campaign. At first, her goal was to raise enough money to buy one or two incubators. But, in the end, 7 machines will be acquired!

The choice of beneficiary hospitals

The money collected, it now remains to proceed with the purchase and distribution of incubators. Amina and Mohamed choose to entrust the mission to the Algeria United Foundation.

To draw up the list of beneficiary hospitals, the association will carry out a field survey. Its volunteer members visit several birthing units to see with their own eyes which ones lack incubators and which ones do not.

This is how the choice of the distribution of the first machine fell on the Benyouucef Benkhedda hospital center in Berrouaghia, in Médéa. The Algeria United association, the Benyoucef Benkhedda hospital and the supplier (Eurl BLIMED) signed the acquisition contract on Thursday July 28, 2022.

A first step that will call for others

At the end of the operation, the young couple and the Algeria United association wanted to warmly thank all the people who contributed with their donations, their prayers, their encouragement to the success of this unprecedented campaign. A companion that will allow saving the lives of dozens of premature babies.

Finally, the Algeria United Foundation renewed its commitment and promised to carry out the Khadeej project in favor of premature babies until the end. As for Amina, she wanted to remind us that the real benefactors are the anonymous donors. The young woman ends her message with a magnificent “nhebkoum“, I love you !

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