Presidency of the FAF: Zefizef and Serrar unveil their programs

The two candidates for the presidency of the Algerian football federation Djahid Zefizef and Abdelhakim Serrar reveal their programs. They both say they are ambitious for the development of national football.

All eyes will be on Thursday, July 7, at the conference room of the Mohamed Boudiaf Olympic complex, which will house the elective general assembly of the FAF. As everyone knows, only two men have applied for the succession to Charaf-Eddine Amara. Indeed, it is Djahid Zefizef and Abdelhakim Serrar. The two competitors are in the middle of an electoral campaign. They chose the start east as their starting point.

The two contenders for the throne of the seat of Dely Brahim reveal their programs. In interviews granted for our colleagues from Echourouk, Zefizef and Serrar say they are ambitious to serve national football.

“It was the members of the general assembly who asked me to stand as a candidate for the presidency of the FAF. I accumulate a great experience 20 years of experience in football that I will put it at the service of national football. My program is to restructure football in the amateur divisions. This is the best way to create young national teams of a good level. We are going to unveil a detailed program to the members of the GA, we hope to convince them”. Zefizef will say.

He also talks about the national team A and Djamel Belmadi. “My great experience at the FAF will serve me a lot of good. I know what the national team needs. Regarding Belmadi, I think we are in the middle of an electoral campaign and I do not want to mention it. It is, moreover, himself who asked not to mention his name because he does not want to get involved.

Serrar: “I will protect the national team and Belmadi”

The other suitor, Abdelhakim Serrar, is not to be presented. A former international footballer, he also has around 25 years of experience as a manager. He meets the profile to manage the first instance of national football.

“If I applied, it is because I have at heart to purify the entourage of national football. I also have the ambition to protect the national team behind the scenes. We have already seen how she was the victim of backstage play during the return match of the play-offs against Cameroon. My other ambition is to present a heavy dossier so that our country will have the honor of hosting an African Cup of Nations. If I will be president, the national team will play in different cities of the country. In my office there are graduates and those who know national football well. There are also iconic former players like Lakhdar Belloumi and Tadj Bensaoula. Also, I chose the members of my office from across the country. This is the best way to create a regionalist balance. “. he will say.

The president of the ESS gives more explanations how he will protect the EN from behind the scenes. “My first objective is to integrate Algeria into international bodies, particularly CAF. If we only win a place in the executive office of the continental body, this will allow us to abort all the plans aimed at Algeria”.

Serrar talks about national coach Djamel Belmadi. “Belmadi is a phenomenon. What he did with the national team is proof of that. If I will be president of the FAF, my relationship with will be fraternal. We will exchange ideas for the interest of the national team. He concluded.

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