Presidential France: Macron tackles Le Pen on the subject of the veil

The race for the Elysée is raging in France. Since last Sunday the names of the two candidates for the second round of the French presidential election scheduled for April 24, are without great surprise Emmanuel Macron, outgoing president and Marine Le Pen, candidate of the far-right party Rassemblement National (RN) . The two candidates only have a few days left to convince the 48 million French people registered on the electoral lists.

The controversial subject of the veil once again invites itself into the debate. Questioned several times during the inter-tours on the possible ban on the veil worn by Muslim women, Emmanuel Macron and Marine Le Pen assumed their differences on this subject which only divides France.

The two candidates vying for the Elysée clearly position themselves on a theme allowing Emmanuel Macron to underline his strict and unwavering attachment to secularism, and for Marine Le Pen the fight against Islamism, and the fact that she wishes ban the wearing of the veil in public spaces, in France.

Macron positions himself in relation to the question of the veil

It was during the exit from the meeting in Strasbourg (Bas-Rhin) on Tuesday April 12, 2022, in the middle of the campaign between the two rounds, that the candidate Emmanuel Macron briefly exchanged with a veiled woman, the latter questioned the president with a question “Are you a feminist? “.

The outgoing president answered “yes”, and returned the question to him. “Yes I am a feminist, I am for gender equality,” said the young woman.

Outgoing President Emmanuel Macron declares: “Having a young girl who wears the veil, in Strasbourg, who says ‘are you a feminist?’, that’s the best answer to all the nonsense I hear”, declared Emmanuel Macron to him, then adding: “Because on the other side there is Madame Le Pen who says ‘the veil will be prohibited in the public square with me'”.

The candidate of “La République en Marche” who was traveling to Le Havre, this Thursday, April 14, returns once again to the subject of the veil in France by launching “There is no country in the world which prohibits the veil on the public road, you want to be the first? According to the Ifop poll for the Cross, 69% of Muslims in France voted for Jean-Luc Mélenchon in the first round of this year’s presidential elections, so Emmanuel Macron’s phrase is seen as a nod to the electorate of Melenchon.

This Friday April 15 during the morning Emmanuel Macron who was on France Info, assured that “personally, the question of the veil is not an obsession” and that he had tried during his five-year term “to identify the problem which is that there are people who, distorting this religion or using it, try to get out of the Republic, which is not at all what a woman who wears the veil does”.

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