Prime Covid-19: the unions of practitioners are indignant

It has been more than two years since the Covid-19 pandemic hit our country hard. Algeria has been plunged into an unprecedented health situation which required the mobilization of all health personnel, at their head the doctors.

In a press release made public on April 4, the Minister of Health, Professor Abderrahmane Benbouzid, revealed that the exceptional Covid-19 bonus, granted to health personnel, will be paid according to the deadlines set by the Ministry, namely this Thursday, April 7. However, this news does not seem to please the trade unionists who did not hesitate to point the finger at the Ministry of Health.

Indeed, and according to the information reported by the French-speaking daily reportersthe president of the National Union of Public Health Specialist Practitioners (SNPSSP), Doctor Mohamed Yousfi, criticized the Ministry of Health for “the persistence of a three-month delay in unpaid premiums”.

“These days, it is the 6th bonus that is being given, while we are supposed to receive the 9th installment of the Covid-19 bonus at the moment. This means that we are very late regarding the payment of the 7th and 8th and now 9th tranches”, revealed the president of the SNPSSP.

In addition, Doctor Mohamed Yousfi also returned to the press release from the Ministry, considering that it is “unfortunate, as a social partner, to be informed of this announcement by public press release”. According to him, “it is at this level that the problem of dialogue with the Ministry of Health arises”.

Towards the recognition of Covid-19 as an occupational disease?

For his part, Doctor Lyes Merabet of the National Union of Public Health Practitioners (SNPSP) revealed that he had “requested the recognition of Covid-19 as an occupational disease”, stressing the fact that “the Ministry of Health had not brought no response to this.

Doctor Lyes Merabet also returned to the dialogue between the unions and the supervisory authorities and affirmed that the practitioners’ unions “did not participate in the national health meetings, held last January”.

“We did not participate in these meetings. The Ministry of Health does not have the right to react in this way by freezing the relationship with its social partner. It would have been more judicious and correct to invite the social partners to this meeting to listen to their grievances and expectations. Especially since this meeting was presented as a starting point for a long process of reform. However, this project cannot be successful without the assistance and support of the representative unions”, indignant Doctor Lyes Merabet.

It should be recalled that the work of the meetings held last January focused on the renewal and modernization of the health system in Algeria. Last Sunday, the Ministry revealed that a “wide-ranging sectoral action program” had been drawn up to “improve the situation of health professionals”.

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