Quebec: reduction of study fees for foreigners

Algerian students are very interested in pursuing their university course abroad and are sometimes hampered by the excessive costs demanded by certain universities, particularly those in Canada.

The American country has a strong need for skilled labor, which is why the Government of Quebec has announced a program aimed at attracting foreign students by lowering the prices related to the various training courses offered by the country.

As of the fall of next year, people who will be connected to a CEGEP or a French-speaking university in Quebec will pay the same tuition fees as Quebecers. While the annual cost that foreign students must pay is currently $17,000 at CEGEP and $24,000 at university, the government is proposing to lower this to zero for the college level and $3,000 for the university level. .

Foreigners will also have, as soon as this program is put in place, the opportunity to work up to 20 hours a week. Indeed, Jean Boulet the Minister of Labor revealed the implementation of 80 million Canadian dollars spread over four years in order to encourage international registrations and therefore attract a very rare potential workforce in the region. In addition, this program promises future registrants “personalized support” so that integration takes place in the best possible way.

Which areas are concerned and what are the conditions?

Even if Quebec is short of manpower in several sectors, this program nevertheless favors certain fields of activity: information technologies, engineering, health and social services, and the field of education, including the training of early childhood educators.

In order to be eligible and therefore admitted, international students must still meet certain conditions. They will have to choose to follow a full-time study program in French targeted within the framework of Operation main-d’oeuvre linked to one of the sectors mentioned above and therefore in need of manpower. In addition, the institution chosen by the foreign student must be outside Greater Montreal.

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