Rabah Madjer faces 18 months in prison

Rabah Madjer is accused of benefiting from publicity for his two former daily newspapers in an illegal manner. The concerned and his partner, Brahim.M, were heard yesterday by the investigating judge of the court of Sidi M’hamed. The prosecutor requested a sentence of 18 months in prison against those concerned, plus a fine of 100,000 DA, pending the verdict which will fall on June 9.

Rabah Madjer is at the heart of a great scandal. Owner of two daily newspapers, whose publishing company has been dissolved, he is accused of having illegally benefited from public advertising from the national publishing and advertising agency (ANEP). Prosecuted, the former national coach and his partner, Brahim. M, were heard this morning by the investigating judge at the Sidi M’hamed court.

Indeed, the persons concerned have rejected the charges against them. The public prosecutor of the court requested a sentence of 18 months in prison against them, plus a financial fine of 100,000 DA, report our colleagues from Ennahar.

The public prosecutor also asked the judge to rehabilitate the facts as an offense of attempted fraud. It must be said that the persons concerned are the subject of other accusations, citing in particular scam and forgery and use of forgery.

It should be noted that the ANEP has instituted civil proceedings. But his legal representative did not appear at the hearing this morning.

What the ANEP lawyer is asking for

As for the lawyer for the national publishing and advertising agency, he was present at the hearing this morning concerning the case in question. Heard by the judge, he affirmed that the two daily newspapers, which Madjer owns, have ceased to appear. But the publishing society still benefited from public advertising.

ANEP’s lawyer also claimed to have in his possession fake invoices. Invoices that bore the stamp of the publishing company being dissolved. According to our colleagues from Ennahar, the lawyer is claiming 4 billion centimes from Madjer and his partner in damages, while restoring the money that the “Bahia Presse” SARL benefited from after its dissolution.

On the other hand, Madjer’s lawyer, Abdelhak Mellah, defended his client. He claimed that the latter justified the legality of the procedures and withdrew from the newspaper in November 2019. He specified that the company in charge of printing the newspaper was dissolved in 2020.

The investigating judge will therefore have heard all the parties. He has decided to deliver his verdict on June 9. It remains to be seen whether the Algerian football star and his partner will be put behind bars.

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