Ranking of passport prices: where does Algeria stand?

The passport is an essential document, if citizens wish to see the world, cross borders and visit other countries, but its price varies from one country to another and from one region of the world to another which can create a considerable difference. While in some countries the price can reach hundreds of dollars in Algeria it remains quite affordable.

Indeed, in the figures published by the media Echourouk we notice that the average is between 100 and 160 dollars whereas it is possible to have your Algerian passport for only 41 $ if the citizen is on national territory and 60 $ if the request is made from abroad.

The countries at the top of the list are both Arab, with Lebanon posting a price of $795 and Syria $600 followed by Cuba whose passport costs $270.

In 2022, the Algerian passport gained 4 places worldwide

Each year a classification is made, putting the passports of the different countries in places according to the possibilities they offer to citizens among others.

Having already lost 20 places in 15 years, Algeria is not in the best of positions and finds itself ranked in 9th place vis-à-vis the Arab countries and in 36th position in Africa, despite having took 4 places this year. Indeed, according to the latest Henley Passport Index 2022 ranking, out of all 199 countries, Algeria is in 92nd place.

More concretely, Algerian citizens with a passport have access to 52 different destinations without a visa compared to Japanese whose possibilities amount to 192 countries, placing them at the top of the list.

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