Results 5th day JM Oran 2022: Algeria goes up in the ranking

The 19ᵉ edition of the Mediterranean Games of Oran 2022 is in full swing. For the 5th day of the sporting event in the Mediterranean basin, it was time to win back Algerian athletes.

Abused during the 4th day, the national athletes were able to regain their brilliance and hoisted the general classification of Algeria in the medal table.

“The comeback” of Algeria in the table of consecrations was made following the obtaining of 3 gold medals in 3 distinct disciplines and two bronze medals.

The ball of gold medals for Algeria during the 5th day of the JM d’Oran 2022 was inaugurated by the coronation of the Algerian athlete, Driss Messaoud Redouane, during the final of the -73 kg category in judo.

Despite a slight delay against his Moroccan opponent, Hassan Doukkali, the Algerian judoka, Driss Messaoud, turned the tide and distinguished himself in the rest of the fight by winning the last round before touching the Grail.

In line with this last coronation, 4 Algerian athletes managed to put on a good show during the first day of the athletics events which started yesterday on the tracks of the Olympic stadium in Oran. Indeed, the Algerian athlete, Mohamed Yasser Triki waited for the third attempt to win the gold medal in his specialty, the triple jump, after a jump to 17.07 meters.

The waltz of Algerian medals did not doze off on these last coronations and continued to flow during this 5th day of the JM 2022. Thus, specialized in 3000 meters steeplechase, the Algerian athlete, Bilal Tabti confirmed the expression ” never two without three “.

Bilal Tabli was inspired by the victories of his compatriots and won the ultimate coronation in this competition. With this medal, Algeria now has 9 gold medals in this 19th edition of the Mediterranean Games.

Other medals

Algeria’s share in medals increased after obtaining 3 bronze during the 5th day of the Mediterranean Games organized in Oran. For the inaugural day of the athletics events, the athlete Zouina Bouzebra, specializing in hammer throwing, took 3rd place in the ranking of the event.

In addition, the athlete Hichem Bouchicha, followed the path of his compatriot by winning the bronze medal in the 3000 meters steeplechase. Finally, the Algerian judoka, Amina Belkadi, had the upper hand in the small final of the -63 kg category.

A little disappointment

On the final day of the group stage, the Algerian team could not reach the semi-finals of the football competition. Faced with blueberries, the Algerian U18s lost 3-2. A second defeat in a row which definitively eliminated the teammates of captain Edhy Zuliani from the competition.

Despite a comeback, the young Algerians did not keep up the pace and saw themselves concede the 3rd goal following a fatal foul in the penalty area.

General classification of Algeria

Following the coronations of the Algerian athletes during this 5ᵉ day, Algeria goes up in the ranking and takes 3ᵉ place with 22 medals (9 gold medals, 5 silver and 8 bronze) ahead of Turkey ( 48 medals including 21 gold) and Italy (56 medals including 12 gold).

It should be noted that Algeria’s share of the medal could rise during the 6th day of the World Youth Day 2022 since the Algerian athletes will compete in no less than 10 finals in different events.

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