Results 7th day JM Oran-2022: Algeria stagnates

For the 7th day of the Mediterranean Games Oran-2022, Algeria was satisfied with a single bronze medal. She still remains on the podium in the standings, occupying 3rd place. Turkey takes off at the top of the table, followed by Italy.

Only the athlete Abdenour Bendjamaâ won a bronze medal in the 400 meters. Indeed, he achieved his best time of the event (46.06). As for Amine Bouanani, he qualified for the final of the 110m hurdles, by dominating the 2nd series in 13.44, improving his Algerian record (13.45).

Algeria still remains in 3rd place in the medal standings. She has 38 medals, 15 gold, 12 silver and 11 bronze. Turkey consolidates its place in the lead with 84 medals (37 gold, 21 silver and 26 bronze), followed by Italy with 100 medals (31 gold, 36 silver and 26 bronze).

Several disappointments of Algerian athletes

It must be said that the 7th day of the JM was marked by several disappointments for the Algerian athletes. Salim Keddar and Mohamed Drabli in the 1500m, or even Souad Ait Salem in the 5000m, failed to reach the podiums in their respective specialties. Ditto for swimming which continues to disappoint. We cite, among others, Melih Amel and Nesrine Medjahed in the 50m butterfly, Youcef Bouziane and Moncef Aylen Balamane in the 50 breaststroke.

The other disappointment is the elimination of the national handball team (men) by Spain (31-19) in the first round of the tournament. Including the ladies who eliminated from the 1st round. They conceded the third defeat in a row, this time against Tunisia (20-19).

For its part, the Algerian basketball 3×3 was eliminated by Spain (21-18), in the quarter-finals of the tournament. As for the ladies, they took the 10th position. They suffered another defeat against Greece 16-9, in a classification match.

In weightlifting, the young Samir Fardjallah finished at the foot of the podium in the 73kg category, in the clean and jerk movement, with a bar at 171kg, during his 1st try. He twice missed the one at 178kg. He snatched 6th position with a 141kg bar on his second try, but missed the 148kg load on the 3rd, which allowed him to take the bronze medal.

Algerian cycling could not have the expected results among men. Indeed, Youcef Reguigui and the young Nesrine Houili ​​finished 10th.

Finally, and in the sports shooting event, the Algerian athletes, men and women, were eliminated in qualifications, in Trap, compressed air pistol (10 meters) and mixed rifle (compressed air).

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