Results of the 6th day JM Oran 2022: Algeria walks on water

In line with the results of the 5ᵉ day of the Mediterranean Games in Oran 2022, the results of the 6ᵉ day of the World Youth Games were part of the same victorious dynamic for the Algerian athletes.

Friday July 1st was the head of a glorious and historic page for the Algerian Olympic sports with the obtaining of 15 medals including 6 gold. A boon for Algeria which sees delivering one of the most successful performances in the history of the Mediterranean games.

The recital of the Algerian coronations began with the victory of the boxer, Jugurtha Ait Baka, author of a fight which allowed Algeria to touch for the 10ᵉ time the ultimate Grail of the competition. This distinction paved the way for the flow of Algerian medals and was the starting point for what turned out to be: “a historic day for Algerian sport”.

Women’s boxing was at the rendezvous

The Algerian boxers ensured the majority of the Algerian coronations of the 6ᵉ day of the JM of Oran 2022. Equipped with their gloves, their helmets and an enormous courage; the Algerians left no crumbs to their adversaries.

Starting with the vice-world champion in the -63 kg category, Imene Khelif, who did not deviate from her standards and who won, hands down, the gold medal of the JM of Oran counting not to stop on this coronation and says to aim for the Grail of the 2024 Olympic Games in Paris.

Khelif Hadjila also won the gold medal in the -60 kg category after a victory in the final against her opponent of the day. The coronations of the two Khelif were concretized by the victory of Roumaissa Boualem in the -48 kg category, thus establishing the supremacy of Algerian women’s boxing in the finals of the Mediterranean Games of 2022.

At the gentlemen

Men’s boxing also had its share of coronations on the 6th day of World Youth Day 2022. The victory of the Algerian boxer, Yahia Abdelli, allowed Algeria to win another gold medal in this discipline. Algerian athletics did not miss the meeting on Friday 01 July.

The athlete, Bilal Afer, gleaned the ultimate gold medal of this day for Algeria by making himself “king of the jumpers of the JM of Oran” following his jump which exceeded 2.24 meters.

Other medals, boxing at the head of the gondola

The share of Algerian medals also included medals of the other two metals. Despite her defeat against her experienced opponent, boxer Ichrak Chaib won the silver medal in the -66 Kg category.

In addition, the boxers, Mohamed Houmri (-81 Kg), Younes Nemouchi (-75 Kg), Said Hamani (-91 Kg) and Oussama Mordjane (-57 Kg) managed to win the silver medal in their respective categories. . The bronze medals for Algeria carried the signatures of the athlete, Abdelmalek Lahoulou, specialized in 400 m hurdles and the jumper, Hicham Bouhanoune with his jump of 2.22 m.

It should be noted that the Algerian judokas, Mustapha Yasser Bouamara (100 Kg) and his compatriot, Soufiane Belgraa (+ 100 Kg) obtained silver medals in their categories.

General classification of Algeria

After this mythical day for Algerian sport, the national athletes comforted the general ranking of Algeria in the 3ᵉ place of the general table with 37 medals including 15 gold, 12 silver and 10 bronze.

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