Salmonella in Kinder in Algeria: what does the survey say?

A few weeks ago in Europe; several batches of Kinder chocolate were recalled for suspected salmonella infection; a bacterium causing symptoms similar to those of gastroenteritis. A joint press release from the Ministry of Commerce and the Health Security Agency (ANSS) returned to the state of Kinder products marketed in Algeria.

According to the press release from the department of Minister Kamel Rezig and the ANSS; Kinder chocolate products marketed in Algeria are free of traces of salmonella bacteria.

Indeed, “the results of the investigation opened following the alert issued by the company Ferrero concerning the recall of Kinder chocolate products across certain countries for suspected salmonella infection; confirmed the absence of traces of this bacterium in the samples taken from these products marketed in Algeria”; said statement.

According to the same source; “the measures taken in the context of this alert remain in force; and the control services under the Ministry of Commerce remain ready, in cooperation with the ANSS; concerning surveillance, vigilance and alert”. And this, “both at the level of the borders and the national market in order to control the products concerned and to ensure their healthiness and their edibility to preserve the health safety of the consumer”.

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Salmonella in Kinder in Algeria: what measures have been taken?

The same statement explained that “immediately after receiving the alert; the Ministry of Commerce and the ANSS immediately took measures to strengthen cross-border control of imported shipments of this product; and submit them to analyzes to ensure that they are free of any bacteria before allowing them to enter the national market”.

In addition to these measures, “the competent services have launched a national control campaign to withdraw Kinder chocolates from the marketing circuit and subject them to analysis; in order to ensure their wholesomeness and edibility”; noted the statement from Rezig’s department.

Moreover, the same press release revealed that “these operations led to the control of no less than 7,528 traders; and the seizure of a quality amounting to 280 kg of Kinder products”.

“43 kg of these products were destroyed for non-compliance in terms of labeling and expiry of the permeation date”; specified the same source; adding that “the remaining 237 kg proved fit for consumption”.

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