Serious slippages by some Instagrammers in Algeria

The use of social networks in Algeria is increasingly frequent on the part of categories of different ages and both sexes. The appearance of new terms such as “instagramer”, “youtubeur” and “influencer” is in addition. However, new behaviors and behaviors as bizarre as they are intolerable are spreading very quickly in Algerian society.

So many virtual celebrities and individuals wishing to make themselves known, choose to invest fully on social networks and make a name for themselves in Algeria or elsewhere. This is why they opt by all means to sign their presence on stage, sometimes by scandals or by “daring” and unusual remarks in the daily life of Algerians.

Views matter more than content

In order to get millions of views on YouTube or Instagram, some users of this web lay bare their lives in front of millions of viewers, recounting their deepest “intimacies” and revealing the secrets of their homes, in order to share their “stories” and get a bunch of views in record time.

Using inappropriate language, less and less “shocking” expressions or even showing oneself in very erotic situations are the most widespread means in the way of creating buzz.

It seems that the influence that needed to be embraced in order to best serve the virtual atmosphere is all but absent. This is due to the trade that these “influencers” exercise through social networks, a conflict of interests where money matters more than ethics and morals.

A new phenomenon threatens Algerian society

Adding to the “daring” approach undertaken in the virtual environment, namely inconvenient singing, thoughtless remarks, insults and vulgarities; a new behavior emerges. A conduct contrary to the values ​​and morals with which Algerian society has always been cradled.

Indeed, social networks have allowed an undeniable jump in this type of behavior to face in increasingly less reproachable conditions.

On this, in a statement to El Chourouk, lawyer Ibrahim Bahlouli believes that denouncing electronic abuse is more than necessary, especially on the part of people who are victims of rumors created with the aim of making propaganda on social networks.

YouTuber Anes Tina for his part said that videos and publications without content are the most watched and shared, unlike those that carry a message or a moral.

It is time to remedy this flagrant imbalance which endangers the values ​​of Algerian society as well as the followers of these networks.

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