Shédio, a startup that aims to promote tourism in Algeria

The African continent lags considerably behind when it comes to the fourth industrial revolution. This ranges from a lack of qualifications to a lack of awareness of the opportunities presented by these future technologies, which include AI, robotics, the Internet of Things, blockchain and even 3D printing. However, the game could change quickly, as many startups on the continent are leading the way in trying to innovate to solve some practical problems. Among these start-ups is Shédio.

Shédio is an Algerian start-up that creates immersive content for augmented and virtual reality in the service of tourism and cultural heritage. The objective is to democratize and facilitate access to Algerian cultural heritage. Thanks to this idea, Shedio landed a spot as a finalist in the 2021 cycle of Emerging Valley.

Algeria has more than a thousand tourist sites (1,038, according to Shédio), seven of which are listed as UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Proud of this richness, Feriel Tounsi, co-founder of Shédio, alongside Doria Tounsi and her team, wanted to carry out an opinion survey concerning the popularity of these sites. According to the results, more than 80% of the panel had never visited these monuments and more than 70% were unaware of their existence.

The reasons cited ranged from the lack of accessibility to the sites, to a very advanced state of deterioration of the buildings, and including the presence of the public administration. Shedio then chose to use technology to overcome these obstacles. The start-up thus offers a digital tourism service combining 3D design, virtual tours, as well as virtual and augmented reality.

A solution offered to tourism professionals

The goal of the start-up, according to the founders of Shédio, is to produce reports for the general public likely to be broadcast on television channels, in tourist places, in museums or even during exhibitions. “The company plans to create interactive 3D virtual museums as well as a 360 visit application on the web and on mobile. The integration of our technology in virtual reality headsets could allow tourists visiting a site to walk there while discovering it at the time of its construction, this is called immersive content”, explains Feriel Tounsi .

Moreover, according to her, the reconstruction of archaeological and historical sites and various monuments and Algerian heritage assets in 3D benefits both entities in the tourism sector and professionals and cultural companies wishing to present their projects. “Our objectives are to create immersive content for virtual and augmented reality in the service of tourism and cultural heritage and to democratize access to Algerian cultural heritage,” said Feriel Tounsi.

Among the works of Shedio, the villa of the frescoes of Tipaza

In Algeria, and for the first time, tourists will have the opportunity to discover through a 3D reconstruction the villa of frescoes which is located on the Roman ruins of the city of Tipaza, a coastal city located sixty kilometers west of Algeria. ‘Alger.

Supported by the Ministry of Culture and by the National Office for the Management and Exploitation of Protected Cultural Assets (OGEBC), this operation, organized by Shédio Design in collaboration with Macir Vie, will give visitors the opportunity to explore this historic site. through a virtual vision helmet.

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