Social subsidies: the PT responds to the Presidency’s invitation

Invited by the Presidency of the Republic to appoint a representative to the “commission in charge of revising the system of social subsidies”, the Workers’ Party (PT) announced its participation in order to defend the maintenance of State subsidies.

In a statement made public on its official Facebook page yesterday, Tuesday, May 17, Louisa Hanoune’s party revealed “having received a letter from the Presidency of the Republic through which it was asked to appoint a representative to the” commission responsible for revising the system of social subsidies “which will be installed this Wednesday, May 18, 2022 by the President of the Republic, Mr. Abdelmadjid Tebboune”.

The Workers’ Party did not fail to recall “his opposition to any questioning of one of the main achievements of national independence which has enabled the country to make considerable progress in the fight against poverty by improving purchasing power, public services and more generally socio-economic progress”. Indeed, the PT considered that “this was a fundamental question for the survival of the vast majority of the people”.

“The Workers’ Party has decided to go there to express its position, known to all, namely the maintenance of state subsidies for mass consumption products and services and social transfers, because they are among the main foundations of the social state, product of the November 1954 revolution and the sacrifice of 1.5 million martyrs,” said the statement from Louisa Hanoune’s party.

Thus, the same statement indicated that “the PT will go to defend the maintenance of state subsidies in a situation marked by the unprecedented generalized social collapse which poses the greatest dangers to national cohesion and therefore the stability of the country “.

Socio-economic context in Algeria: Louisa Hanoune delivers her assessment

In his speech at a press conference following the congress of the Workers’ Party (PT), held last March, the General Secretary of the PT, Louisa Hanoune, returned to the main lines of his political fight and raised several points relating to the current socio-economic context in Algeria.

Indeed, Louisa Hanoune had evoked the social context by calling “for the revision of the wage policy as well as the increase in wages and pensions” and for the “freezing of all anti-popular decisions”. For her, it is also necessary to inquire about the state of the workers of the communes who receive “derisory wages” and work with “non-existent means and in completely dilapidated communes”, in particular on the sidelines of “the degradation of the power of purchase in the face of soaring prices of basic necessities”.

The SG of the PT had not failed to point the finger at the free education and health, noting that this is a “formal” measure and that the citizens find themselves “forced to orient themselves towards the private sector for treatment because of the lack of means and the shortage of medicines”.

In this same context, Louisa Hanoune returned to the institution of unemployment benefit, believing that “it did not constitute a solution, unless accompanied by a public investment plan”, advocating “the opening of a broad debate on the political and economic situation”.

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