Startup, PLFC 2022 and transport: 5 points to remember from the Council of Ministers

Supplementary finance bill 2022, transport sector, milk and cereal production… The meeting of the Council of Ministers this Sunday, July 17 marked by the examination of several important files.

Chairing the meeting, President Abdelmadjid Tebboune gave several instructions relating to the files examined. In addition to the new directives from the Head of State, the meeting saw the approval of the Supplementary Finance Bill 2022 as well as another project concerning the startup sector. It is, in fact, the project of the statutes of the auto-entrepreneur in Algeria.

Tebboune insists on cereal production

Faced with the global wheat crisis, President Tebboune once again insisted on the intensification of efforts to guarantee food security, particularly with regard to cereals.

“This is a challenge that must be taken up regardless of the difficulties, because Algeria’s material and natural capacities qualify it to achieve this strategic objective”, launched the Head of State during the meeting.

For this, the President instructed the Minister of Agriculture to draw up a new plan for the reorganization of the sector, far from any form of bureaucracy and taking into account efficiency on the ground. He also ordered the expansion of agricultural land for the production of fodder.

Insisting on the consolidation of the means of manufacturing milk; the Head of State instructed the government to use specialized foreign expertise, in the form of partnerships, to launch the manufacture of infant milk.

The maritime transport file on the menu

Referring to the issue of the transport sector, President Tebboune instructed the Minister of Transport to mobilize all the capacities of the State to facilitate the return or arrival of Algerians from abroad, in order to spend the summer season in the best terms.

To do this, he ordered the establishment of a toll-free number and a monitoring and listening unit, at the level of the office of the Minister of Transport, with the aim of responding to the concerns of citizens and solving problems. and the obstacles that stand in their way during flights and sea crossings to Algeria.

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