Statements by Belmadi: is this slippage too much?

Obviously, the national coach Djamel Belmadi no longer masters his media outlets which include many false notes. During his last interview, which he gave to the official FAF website, he fired red balls at the Gambian referee Bakary Gassama, which caused the Cameroonian football federation to react, which should seize the ethics committee of FIFA.

Djamel Belmadi still can’t digest the elimination of the Greens from the next World Cup. He points to the vicious referee of Bakary Gassama. During the last interview he gave to the official website of the Algerian football federation, he shot down the Gambian in flames. “I didn’t like seeing him the day after (the game) comfortably seated in our lounges at the airport drinking coffee and eating a mille-feuille. I emptied my bag and I met him again in Turkey and I told him who he was again, launched the Fennecs coach. When you go to Africa, you don’t often get special treatment. He took away the hope of a whole people and we leave him like that… I’m not saying he should be killed, but he shouldn’t be left alone. “, he will say.

In a press release published on Monday, Samuel Eto’o, the president of Fécafoot, disputed “these defamatory allegations instilled in an allusive manner and repeatedly formulated by Algerian football leaders”, adding that Cameroon reserved “the right to take the matter to the FIFA Ethics Committee in the coming days”.

“The Fécafoot is deeply attached to the values ​​of sport, continues Eto’o. She reminds us that the glorious uncertainty of our sport can hold results that are difficult to accept. But that in all circumstances, must prevail the respect of the rules of the game, the consideration due to the adversary the acceptance of the result. “.

On Canal+, the former Cameroonian international, Patrick Mboma, defended Bakary Gassama’s performance during the Algeria-Cameroon match. “In absolute terms, we don’t have (in Africa) the best players in the world, we don’t have in absolute terms the best coaches in the world, why in absolute terms would you want us to have the best arbiters of the world? Why not accept arbitration as it is? Mr. Gassama is still one of the best whistles in the world. He has the right to make his mistakes.

What is the role of the FAF communication unit?

The least we can say is the slippage of too much of the national coach who no longer controls his media outings. Failures and defeats are part of the game, of course, and will have to be more calm when things do not go as he wishes.

This is not a first since Belmadi already has a history with Algerian journalists, especially before the first leg of the play-offs against Cameroon. Under pressure, he allowed himself to attack certain colleagues just because they asked him for explanations about his choices.

Finally, one wonders about the usefulness of the communication unit of the Algerian football federation. The leaders of this cell should have seen the video (The interview was conducted in Qatar by an Algerian journalist, editor’s note), and warned the national coach of certain statements that could harm him. Alas, the video of the interview was directly published on the official FAF website with very poor sound quality…

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