Summit on terrorism in Africa: Tebboune submits a report

According to Algeria Press Service (APS), in anticipation of the 16th extraordinary summit of the African Union, scheduled for Saturday May 28, 2022, in Malabo in Equatorial Guinea, being leader of the African Union (AU) in terms of prevention and fight against terrorism and violent extremism, the President of the Republic, Abdelmadjid Tebboune, submitted a report made public. This report reviews the evolution of the terrorist threat on the continent and the prospects for strengthening the responses to it at the regional and international levels.

This report is intended to enrich the deliberations of Heads of State and Government at the Malabo Summit. It also discusses the state of play concerning the terrorist threat in Africa and explains the factors that have favored its spread in all regions of the continent.

Content of Tebboune’s report for the AU

In this report, Algeria proposes a series of measures that could strengthen the individual and collective capacities of African countries. And would highlight the responsibility incumbent on the international community called upon to further support the efforts of African countries.

Benefiting from a certain experience in the fight against terrorism, Tebboune stressed: “The imperative for foreign partners to comply with their obligations under the relevant Security Council resolutions, by lending more assistance to African countries engaged in the fight against terrorism, including through the location, identification and extradition of wanted terrorists based on their territories. »

“The urgent need to make the necessary transformations to enable the transition to a new model of peace operations that is more suited to the demands of the fight against terrorism in Africa”. According to statements by Tebboune, within the framework of cooperation with the United Nations.

Tebboune calls for the establishment of an African list of terrorist individuals and organizations

In addition, President Tebboune returns in this same report to the importance of setting up as soon as possible an African list of terrorist individuals and entities, an African arrest warrant, but also an AU Special Fund for the prevention and fight against terrorism.

The Head of State calls for the strengthening of mechanisms and institutions already in place, which will enable them to fulfill their mandates as essential components of the AU’s counter-terrorism strategy.

Africa is giving new impetus to the promotion of its collective security to create the conditions for its development and integration, with this report from Algeria.

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