Switzerland: when Algerian fans demonstrate in front of FIFA

Algerian pressure on FIFA is stepping up. After the appeal filed by the Algerian Football Federation following the elimination of the Algerian team from the race for the World Cup, the Algerian fans took part in the offensive and reacted actively to the complaint from the Algerian sports services.

Indeed, a group of Algerian supporters was seen in front of the premises of the international football federation in Zurich. The Algerian sit-in in front of the headquarters of FIFA was marked by the fervor of the supporters who spared no effort to support the cause of the Algerian team in front of the headquarters of the highest footballing body.

Determined and enthusiastic, the supporters of the greens made slogans of fair play and justice for the men of Belmadi their gondola head. The Algerian demonstrators affirmed their unconditional support for the Algerian coach, Djamel Belmadi, and mobilized to win their case with the body of Gianni Infantino.

“We have hope”

After the defeat of the Algerian team against Cameroon in Blida for the second leg of the last qualifying round of the African zone for the final phase of the 2022 World Cup, the Algerian football federation has formulated a file of pleading which highlights the arbitration aberrations which characterized the evening of March 29 at Tchaker.

The Algerian public harbors hopes of seeing a remake of the Algerian team’s play-off match against the Indomitable Lions. “Match replayed” and “justice for the Algerian team” are the watchwords on the Algerian web. Between the desire for a favorable outcome that tips the scales in favor of Algeria and the various opinions of specialists as to this eventuality, FIFA has announced that the verdict will be rendered on April 21.

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