Tchaker no longer meets the criteria: the Greens domiciled in Oran?

The Mustapha Tchaker stadium in Blida no longer meets the new CAF criteria. The Greens could be domiciled at the new stadium in Oran from next June, on the occasion of the start of the qualifiers for the next African Cup of Nations which will take place in Côte d’Ivoire, by hosting the Uganda.

The Algerian national team has been playing at the Mustapha Tchaker stadium since 2008, where it receives its various opponents. It is her favorite stadium where she achieved historic victories but above all in which she remained invincible for 14 years, until the last match played against Cameroon, as part of the qualifying play-offs for the next World Cup in Qatar.

But the Greens will have to be domiciled elsewhere from the next CAN-2023 qualifiers due to the non-compliance of the Blidéenne enclosure with the new criteria of the African football confederation. As a result, it cannot be approved by CAF to host the matches of our national team.

Among the new criteria, we can cite, among other things: a dedicated parking space for supporters, the use of temporary stands is prohibited, the stadium must be equipped with refreshments and catering for all supporters, all seats in the press box must be equipped with an electrical outlet and a telephone/internet connection (WI-FI), the media box must be accessible directly from the media centre, the flash interview station, the mixed zone and the press conference room.

These are only a few criteria since the list is long. New criteria which are not met by the Mustapha Tchaker stadium in Blida.

The Oran stadium, the only one that meets the new criteria

On the other hand, the July 5 stadium in Algiers fulfills part of the new CAF criteria, but we cannot lift the other reservations, in particular the mixed zone, the digitized access control or the headquarters by the next FIFA date, scheduled for May-June 2022.

For the moment, only the new stadium in Oran which complies with the new criteria. The Greens will therefore be able to evolve from now on in this “jewel” from the next month of June which could well be their new den in the event that they perform well.

Admittedly, the July 5 stadium could be provisionally approved, but FAF officials will have to act quickly to decide in which stadium the national team will evolve during the CAN-2023 qualifiers, when we know that the African football confederation has launched a ultimatum to all associations to choose their stadiums.

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