the benefits of CBD after contamination

According to experts, responsible consumption of CBD could offer great benefits to people who have suffered from the coronavirus. A study on cannabis recently published by Oregon State University in the United States in the Journal of Natural Products indicates that one of the health benefits of cannabis is to help prevent Covid. At this stage of the pandemic, unfortunately, most people in the world have already caught the Coronavirus and that is why a great doubt has arisen: could the consumption of CBD help to reduce the after-effects of this disease?

How can CBD help against Covid?

Hugo Alvarez, subject matter expert and co-founder of Canncura: a Mexican startup (originally from Guadalajara) that was born with the objective of creating experiences that generate a new way of consuming hemp, offers some interesting answers to this question.

Official research on cannabis and its links to Covid has yielded positive results. One of them is that Covid-19 cells are like a ball with spikes and in early in vitro studies scientists put different cannabinoids in these balls and it was shown that some of them stop in the peaks of this virus.

As soon as they are connected, they turn into water and oil (viruses and cannabinoids), so they cannot adhere to your cells. So, let’s say cannabidiol is like a repellent. However, Hugo clarified that this does not mean that if you are already a recreational or medicinal user you will be completely protected against the virus, as this is only an in vitro result that needs to be studied further. It’s just an interesting lead that gives some hope.

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Are there studies on the benefits of CBD to treat the sequelae of Covid?

Other studies that have been done for the subject of fibrosis, which is a sequel that stays in the lungs (it looks like scratches that stay in the lungs of people who have had a severe form), show that CBD helps to reduce inflammation (because this fibrosis is a type of inflammation in the alveoli of the lungs).

Can you take CBD when you have Covid-19?

No problem. However, that doesn’t mean it cures Covid. It is a palliative and it can help reduce pain, for example. Let’s say that for something to be considered a real medicinal discovery, it takes a long and very expensive process. You should know that the endocannabinoid system is a network of neural receptors that are throughout the body and that help to balance homeostasis, which is, for example, when you are in balance, lying down and at peace (and all your cells are relaxed).

When you’re stressed by an incline and your cells start to break down, the endocannabinoid system helps lower levels of cortisol (the stress hormone). Naturally, this is something your body is already doing, but when you consume something external, like phytocannabinoids, which come from the hemp plant, you can control the effect of the endocannabinoid system with better results. This is why CBD offers so many health benefits.

In conclusion, to know the effects of CBD against Covid, other studies must still be carried out. However, given the first results obtained, CBD seems to be able to reduce the sequelae of Covid. It is therefore a very interesting glimmer of hope. The consumption of CBD could therefore be a solution to soothe certain ailments caused by the virus. If you want to consume CBD to reduce your pain, we advise you to consult your doctor to receive the best advice according to your situation.

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