The Emirates oppose the appointment of the Algerian, Boukadoum to the UN

The United Arab Emirates blocked the appointment of an Algerian as envoy of the United Nations Organization (UN) in Libya, this Monday, June 27, 2022.

According to Agence France Presse (AFP), it was UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres who proposed to the Security Council that former Algerian Foreign Minister Sabri Boukadoum become the new emissary of the Organization for Libya. However, the United Arab Emirates blocked his nomination.

It should be noted that this position has been vacant since November, be filled. The renewal of the UN political mission (Manul) could only take place for short periods of a few months, in particular because of the Council’s inability to agree on a new emissary. Manul’s mandate expires on July 31.

It is for this reason that many countries, like France, Ghana or Ireland, are demanding that this position be filled as soon as possible, according to AFP.

Boukadoum proposed by Guterres the new emissary of the Organization for Libya

Last week, the head of the UN, after several vain attempts, proposed Sabri Boukadoum to the fifteen members of the Council. “Only the United Arab Emirates refused,” a diplomat told AFP, who preferred to remain anonymous. On the Security Council, the Emirates, a non-permanent member, represents the Arab world.

According to several other diplomats, the Emirates explained that “Arab countries and Libyan parties had expressed their opposition” to the appointment of the former Algerian official.

According to one of the diplomats, in the appointment of Boukadoum, there is a regional concern, he also underlines that the choice of a national of a country bordering Libya poses a problem. His job would be impossible, explaining the Emirati position.

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