The news has just fallen: Mbappe PSG Extension – The shock revelation

While the famous news we were all waiting for – Mbappe PSG Prolongation – has just fallen, what changes are expected in the Parisian club? Find out all in our article of the week.

Mbappe PSG Extension – what you need to know

The world’s wait has finally come to an end, with Kylian Mbappé’s extension confirmed by Club Paris-Saint-Germain and an unprecedented situation for the French world champion.

So three more seasons for the French international, who started his adventure with the capital club in 2017 and who is undoubtedly preparing to receive a salary much higher than that of all the stars present in the club.

After going back and forth to Qatar, as well as with many public figures including Emmanuel Macron himself, Number 7 chose to stay in Paris to try to write history in its own way.

What consequences with the choice of Mbappe?

The choice of number 7 will not be without serious consequences on the entire Club, and on its organization chart and its leaders. Changes are expected even before the start and launch of the long-awaited next season.

After the summer, if logic is respected Mauricio Pochettino and Leonardo probably won’t keep their job. The organization chart will be reworked to respect the Club’s great ambitions for the 2022-2023 season and the course of the 2022 World Cup which will take place, as you guessed, in Qatar.

For the moment, five names are circulating for the replacement of the Brazilian sports director including Luis Campos who has already served Lille and Monaco.

What evolution has been observed for Kilyan?

President Nasser al-Khelaifi will be able to keep his job, while he contributed in an accelerated way to keep his protege Kylian Mbappé. He even convinced some members of Mbappé’s family, and he spoke of the possibility of a carte blanche on set pieces as well as the team captain’s armband.

Salary and bonuses were therefore not enough to convince the young champion, but powers and a say were a sharp card that the club played to turn the situation around and allow Kilyan to flourish in the club.

It will therefore be time to review the sports betting site, for the first match of the next season as well as for the friendly matches expected among the blues.

Mbappé’s message to Real Madrid

In a letter from Kilyan he addresses that he will support Real during the final of the Champions League. He also adds his sincere thanks from Club Madrilain, and its president Florentino Perez. He adds that he will be happiest supporting Real during their finals, from his home in Paris. He adds “home”.

Mbappé expressed his joy at continuing to evolve in his country of France, the country he observed him being born, flourishing and of course growing up.

A conference is scheduled for Monday, May 23 at 3 p.m. with Nasser two days after the closing of the Ligue 1 championship in France.

The president of the LFP Vincent Labrune immediately communicated around the news Mbappe PSG Prolongation to remind that it is a pride for the Parisian club, and for the history of Ligue 1.

Ongoing rumors

Other rumors are circulating as the possible arrival by Ousmane Dembelefriend of our champion Mbappé, who is expected at PSG for this transfer window which will undoubtedly be very surprising!

The Spanish press obviously did not digest the news, to shed light on the salary as the only element of motivation for the young French player.

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