The serious slippage of a Moroccan diplomat towards Algeria

The Makhzen seems ready to do anything to please its new partners. After chaining indirect attacks against Algeria, Morocco has now moved on to direct attacks.

The latest dates back to Friday during the United Nations C24 seminar, Morocco’s permanent representative to the UN, Omar Hilale, openly attacked Algeria, calling it a “colonizer”.

“You are asking for self-determination for the 20,000 people you are sequestering in the Tindouf camps, but you are denying it to a people of 12 million inhabitants (…) The Kabyle people have suffered 3 colonizations: Ottoman, then French and now Algerian “, Launched the Moroccan diplomat.

“The Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights has increased its concerns over the persecution of Hirak activists, and massive violations of their rights, including arbitrary detentions, restrictions on fundamental freedoms and unfair trials. “, he added.

The strong reply of the Algerian ambassador

Faced with the allegations of Omar Hilale, the Algerian ambassador to the UN, Nadir Larbaoui replied curtly to the representative of the Makhzen.

“The Moroccan delegation has a huge deficit in terms of historical data and for good reason, living under the protectorate regime, they do not know the values ​​and sacrifices of the struggle for national liberation,” he replied.

“Among the leaders of the National Liberation War who marked the history of the glorious Algerian Revolution, there are several historical figures who belong to the Kabylie region. Hocine Aït-Ahmed, Krim Belkacem, Colonel Amirouche, Abbane Ramdane and Omar Ouamrane, are some of the names among the long list of valiant freedom fighters”, recalled the Algerian ambassador.

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