Three Algerian Olive Oil Brands Stand Out in London

Algerian products continue to stand out internationally. This is particularly the case of Algerian olive oil, which for several years now has dethroned its counterparts worldwide.

Indeed, an international olive oil competition was organized in London. Whose purpose is to promote the most qualitative olive oils in the world. And this, by offering them prizes in several categories, in particular the one that has to do with quality.

In addition, the competition also aims to make known to consumers around the world, the healthy, organic but also nutritional aspect of this oil, prized by the great great professionals in the kitchen and pastry.

The Algerian brand Baghlia wins the Health category of oils with the most virtues

Produced in Boumerdès by the oil mill of the Kiared brothers, this brand dethroned all its counterparts and won first place in this prestigious competition. This is not a first for Baghlia. Indeed, this brand has become accustomed to collecting awards and medals worldwide.

The brand has won 23 medals and titles after just three years. However, Baghlia obtains for the first time a gold medal in such a Health category. And this, because of its richness in antioxidants and polyphenols.

Algerian olive oil wins international competition in London

Whether in New York, Athens or London, all these prices bear witness to the quality of Algerian olive oil. Indeed, alongside Baghlia, two other winners were elected during this competition. These are two other Algerian brands.

They are not new, they have already carried the Algerian flag to the world level; the El Asslia brand from Keddara in Boumerdès, but also Arba Olive from Blida also won other prizes in this international competition.

However, with such success, several questions arise. In particular, those concerning the labeling of this qualitative product. In this wake, the president of the international competition for the best olive oil deplores the fact that Algeria has not put in place any regulatory text relating to the labeling of such a qualitative oil. Especially since Algeria has no infrastructure certified by the International Olive Council.

This represents, according to the same official, this represents a constraint in the modernization of this sector in Algeria. This one, which produces more than 300 million liters of olive oil each year, can easily distinguish itself on the international market.

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