Tunisia asks for more Gas: has Algeria said “no”?

A controversy had circulated about Algeria’s refusal to supply Tunisia with gas, following which the Tunisian Minister of Industry, Energy and Mines, Neila Nouira, denied the information circulating on the absence Algeria’s response to Tunisia’s request to supply it with natural gas.

During her appearance on the Tunisian channel “El Watania 1”, the Minister confirmed that what was relayed about Algeria’s refusal to supply Tunisia with gas is false. The latter declared: “I deny categorically any intention to cut off the supply of Algerian gas. »

The Minister explained that the competent authorities of the two countries are working on the study of the offer submitted by Tunisia and the modalities of its implementation, and that the technical teams are working on it. The Minister also stressed that the contracts concluded between her country and Algeria date back to the 1990s, and are taking place according to the agreed terms, and that new requests are added to them each year, and to which Algeria has always responded.

Neila Nouira added that Tunisian consumption has increased significantly in recent years, prompting us Tunisia to order additional quantities and finding a positive response from Algeria. She also said that Tunisia’s latest request came at a time when the world is witnessing an increase in gas demand due to the Ukrainian crisis.

A Tunisian official denies the information

On May 18, 2022, Belhassen Chiboub, Director General of Electricity and Energy Transition at the Tunisian Ministry of Industry, Energy and Mines, denied the reports circulating about Algeria’s refusal to supply Tunisia in gas in recent weeks.

Chiboub confirmed to Mosaïque FM radio saying, “The natural gas supply contract, which brings together the Tunisian Electricity and Gas Company and Sonatrach, includes clear clauses related to the tariff, and the tariff no. does not include any modification of the contractual quantities with Algeria”. The supply contract between us started since the 90s.”

He added: “There is no crisis between us and Algeria. The problem lies in the fact that we requested variable additional quantities on top of the contractual quantities. These additional quantities have no commitment and require technical programming, and Algeria cannot respond immediately to our request due to the Ukrainian crisis and the pressure on gas and others. »

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